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This is the medical home page of the Midlands Asthma and Allergy Research Association (MAARA) in Leicester and Derby, UK. It has a main home page at www.maara.org/.


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ASTHMA. Most asthma, especially in young people, is a form of allergy. Understanding the allergic causes may help you lead a better life.

       ASTHMA IN PREGNANCY If you are expecting a baby, the news about the safety of your treatments is not just reassuring; there is all the more reason to take extra care of your asthma. Find out why.
EXERCISE-INDUCED ASTHMA is an attack of asthma brought on by running or other exercise. Look up our page on exercise-induced asthma to find out what you can do about it.
  CORRESPONDENCE PAGE ON ASTHMA. The correspondence page on food allergy and anaphylaxis has been a success, so we have started one on asthma.
Leukotriene antagonists for asthma
Singulair® (montelukast) and Accolate® (zafirlukast) are tablet treatments for asthma introduced in the late 1990s.
Read more about them on our Asthma and Allergy News page, which in other respects has not been kept up to date lately. Sorry.

ALLERGY. A brief and slightly highbrow explanation about allergy. You will find out some fascinating facts about this very common group of conditions.

HOUSE DUST MITES. They are the world's most important cause of asthma, and can cause nasty nose problems too. Now there is evidence that the eczema of people who are prone to asthma and hayfever can also be caused by mites. What can you do about them?

       New research shows cheap nonwoven plastic bedding covers can be effective in reducing your exposure to mite dust, though the results don't tell us how long these cheaper covers last. A further report shows that mattress covers don't need to cover the bottom of the mattress completely, despite what the experts had been saying. So cheaper ones do the job.
Report suggests house dust mite control does not help asthma.
An article in the British Medical Journal concluded that trials of mite control showed no benefit to patients with asthma. Before embarking on a lot of expense and trouble you will surely want to know what this report had to say and whether it is reliable. Our main house dust mite page has a link to a new page on this, and to the web versions of the original articles.

ANAPHYLAXIS. Life-threatening allergic reactions, usually to foods such as nuts, fish or fruit, or to medicines, seem to be getting commoner. Wasp and bee stings can also cause anaphylaxis, but there is a highly effective treatment for this. If you or your child are unlucky enough to have had an attack, read this page. Does your emergency kit contain the right drug? Which three conditions should be met before you inject adrenaline? Can an adrenaline inhaler be as good as an injection? Read this and more.


NUT ALLERGY. Nut allergy in children is now so common that there can hardly be a school without an affected child. It is so easy to eat nuts without realising it. You or your child will need to know exactly what to do.


LATEX ALLERGY. Nurses, other health care workers, children who need a lot of surgical care and others are the most usual victims of allergy to natural rubber latex. You will find links to excellent websites giving further information. There is a section on school and latex allergy in children: please contribute your ideas on this via email.


HAYFEVER. Regarded as trivial by some doctors, hayfever can blight your exams, your social life, and your work. If long bouts of sneezing don't make you a dangerous driver, out-of-date treatments could. Yet there are lots of treatments, and the right one, or the right combination, should mean you can do your studying, your exam, or your job unimpaired, and be at your best for that big event in your life which just happens to fall in the summer months.


Want to watch the grass grow?
Meadow foxtail
	grass ready to shed pollen<BR>
Click here
for photos of grass, May 19 & Jun 8, 1977, Leicester, UK.


URTICARIA, NETTLERASH, HIVES. Although brief attacks of nettlerash are often caused by allergy, long-lasting nettlerash is not. In fact finding the cause is impossible for most sufferers. But there are different kinds, and treatment is usually effective as long as you keep taking it. You may however need more than the usual treatment.

COLD URTICARIA and other kinds of urticaria Sections added Dec'97 and Jan '98.

ANGIOEDEMA. Swellings which come and go, often affecting your lips, eyelids, other parts of your mouth or throat, and other parts of the body. This may be caused by allergies, but very often it is not. There are different kinds, and the treatment is not always straightforward.


This is specifically about asthma and nasal or sinus allergy-like symptoms from perfume in the air we breathe, a neglected subject.
It is not about skin rashes from perfume, because doctors are already well informed on that.


OTHER SOURCES OF INFORMATION. We're certainly not the only people offering asthma and allergy information on the net. Through our links you'll be able to access the finest sites we have been able to find.

AAIR. Find out more about us.

IS THIS THE RIGHT WEBSITE FOR YOU? Find out what we aim to do for you.


These web pages contain a fair bit of text (more detail than many other sites) and are light on graphics. Loading should be quick. Many of the pages give answers to questions people often ask us in the clinic.

If your question is not answered, e-mail us. You might even find an answer added to the pages quite soon. Your tips (or help if you are a web expert) will be welcome.


DISCLAIMER: THE INFORMATION IN THESE PAGES IS FOR YOUR INTEREST AND MAY PROVE USEFUL TO YOU. IT DOES NOT CONSTITUTE INDIVIDUAL MEDICAL ADVICE AND IT DOES NOT REPLACE THE ADVICE YOU GET FROM YOUR DOCTOR OR DOCTORS OR OTHER PROPERLY QUALIFIED HEALTH PROFESSIONAL. Remember, the professional on the spot knows more about you or your child, and their knowledge of the topic may be better or more up to date than ours. We are still a long way from the time when a doctor or nurse practitioner can be replaced by information obtained via a computer. THESE PAGES HAVE NOT BEEN REVIEWED BY OTHER DOCTORS AND MAY CONTAIN ERRORS. WE TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE CONSEQUENCES OF FOLLOWING ADVICE ON THESE WEB PAGES, AND YOU SHOULD FOLLOW THE ADVICE OF YOUR DOCTOR(S). If you find anything on this website which may be relevant to your care, your doctor or other health professional may be willing to discuss it with you.

This website does not accept sponsorship from suppliers of allergy products, or carry advertising as such. (Declaration of interest: I frequently do work for pharmaceutical companies for which I am paid, e.g. lecturing and clinical trials. I have had travel to conferences funded by various pharmaceutical companies and have been wined and dined by them on these occasions. I also have friends in companies supplying the medical profession and patients. It is impossible to guarantee absence of personal bias, but I do not express opinions I don't rightly or wrongly hold). I do however feel free to mention products in a favourable light if I believe this may be in the interest of people affected by allergy.

We write from a British perspective, with attempts to be comprehensible and relevant to users from other countries. British users will have to accept this and may learn from the differences. Medical opinion and practice varies between countries and between doctors, but patients in one country do not necessarily do better than those in another because of national differences. We can learn from each other.



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We are happy to include this link to their ordering website.


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