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Asthma - Other websites

We recommend the following:

The National Asthma Campaign , UK.  
An excellent and extensive website, new in October 1997. Includes special sections for teenagers, a quiz, details of activities including summer camps and conferences, and much other information for people with asthma. Particularly down-to-earth on why you should not smoke if you have asthma; sobering for those who still do. Details of the telephone helpline. Order printed booklets. Read press releases. There is also information for doctors and nurses. A fair amount of the content is devoted to attracting members, helpers and financial support.

  • As this site is new, it will no doubt develop substantially. Authoritative, as it emanates from the main asthma charity in the UK. Like other such sources of information it refers to the allergic causes of asthma as 'triggers', on a par with cold air, exercise and emotion. This belittles unduly the importance of allergic causes of asthma. However, the text goes into considerable detail and offers much information which I have not found in any other website. Indispensable.

Teach Your Patients About Asthma, prepared by National Institutes of Health, USA.
USA source, intended for doctors. Remember that there are differences in drug usage between countries. Expert opinion in the UK differs somewhat from that in the USA, as is generally the case between different countries. The standard of the information is excellent.

Alt.support.asthma FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

Allergy and Asthma Rochester Resource Center. Excellent for both patients and health professionals.

Dr Bob Lanier's website. Dr Bob Lanier is a leading USA allergy specialist, and works in Fort Worth, Texas. He is known for his imaginative use of technology to assist education of doctors and patients about allergy.

Asthma Education and Resource Council of Marin. You really must try this website. Amongst other things it has the best set of links to yet further sites which I have come across. It has pages for children, and for parents of children with asthma. An asthma game for children, compatible with PCs but not Macs, can be downloaded.

The Allergy Network and Mothers of Asthmatics has an extensive prize-winning website. They are a remarkable organisation in the USA, producing excellent educational materials, for example. Well worth visiting from the UK or anywhere else.

Asthma: allergen avoidance web page by the American Medical Association is another source of information. The AMA also raises other health matters in its pages.

The Asthma Information Center (Dr. Matthias Wjst) A very extensive site on asthma. A lot of it is for professionals, but there is plenty for people who have asthma, and for parents of children with asthma.

KADMED is a medical publishing, marketing and education company. Their website has a lot of information about asthma and refers to authoritative sources. You can get a multimedia CD-ROM on asthma for PC and Mac from them (price $19.95 at time of writing).

The asthma section of WellnessWeb is a good source of some of the latest information about asthma. It is part of The Patients Network , a clearinghouse for health information from a variety of sources. Like all such websites including the AAIR site which you are looking at now, it should not be considered a substitute for consultation with your own health care provider.

The following 3 links added 1 Nov 1999:

AnswerSleuth at http://www.answersleuth.com/health/diseases/ has a lot of health-related links pages, including one on asthma, with links to some excellent sites.

Especially for those in the USA, the American Medical Association (AMA) has an excellent website on asthma diagnosis and management. JAMA stands for the journal of the Association.

The Mayo Clinic Rochester has very good Asthma Educational Materials, once again suitable especially for the USA.



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