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We welcome your comments about the growing AAIR web site. This form makes it easy for you to email us. Whether you are a patient, parent of a child with asthma or allergy or a healthcare professional we want to hear from you. If you like, check the box at the bottom and we'll let you know when the next major revision is uploaded. 13% OF THE EMAIL ADDRESSES WE RECEIVE FOR THE MAILING LIST RESULT IN FAILED EMAIL DELIVERY. So if you want our mailings & don't get any for several months, check we have your email address right.

Your comments help us to know whether we are being useful - please do fill in at least your email address, if only to say 'hi!'.

We cannot guarantee to reply. Although your emails about individual people and incidents are very important and instructive to us, we are not permitted to enter into e-mail correspondence about the illness of any individual person. We hope you will understand. Any comments we send back will be general ones, not necessarily correct for an individual. Please note the disclaimer on our home page.

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Attachments sent with email will be deleted unread unless we recognise the source, expect the attachment, and recognise the subject. We are currently receiving a lot of self-propagating 'viruses' ('worms') which interfere with our email and inconvenience people on our mailing list. Similarly we advise you not to open attachments from us, as we have no intention of mailing attachments from the AAIR website and receipt of an attachment purporting to come from us will mean that our system has become infected. We do use up-to-date virus checking software but this has failed conspicuously in a recent case.

If you need to send a document, include it as 'text only' in the body of your email. Bear in mind that we probably will not have time to read anything lengthy unless it is genuinely something we have to act on.

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