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Dorothy Emily Stevenson was born in Edinburgh on the 18th, November 1892 and died 30th December 1973, aged 81. During her life time she wrote 42 novels which were published on both sides of the Atlantic.
Something that she was obviously proud of was her descent from Robert Stevenson ( her great grandfather), lighthouse designer, and Robert Louis Stevenson (her father's first cousin).
She married Capt. James Reid Peploe in 1916 and had four children. her first book (Peter West) was published in 1923 but she did not really start to become a novelist until 1932 with the publication of her first Mrs Tim book.


One of my favourite features of  D.E.Stevenson books is just who pops up where. Most of her books have links to other books, she invented the hyperlink long before the Internet.
D. E. Stevenson invented three main geographical areas for her characters to inhabit. My favourite Ryddelton, Wandlebury and the area around Mureth and Drumburly.
Miss Buncle spills into the Four Graces as well as Spring Magic. This was only the beginning, Celia's House inspired Listening Valley, where Celia made a welcome re-appearance. We hear of her again during Anna and Her Daughters. Anna pops up briefly in the Katherine books which link nicely with Charlotte Fairlie (Mr. Heath the vicar who makes the re-appearance this time). Later Sarah Morris also ends up in Ryddelton to be be-friended by Debbie, who made her debut in Celia's House, to say nothing of mentions of Tonia (Listening Valley) and Charlotte from her own book. More links from the Katherine Books, via Mr Sandford, to House on the Cliff which links via Miss Martineau to The Blue Sapphire. The Katherine Books also tell us more about McAslan who we first meet in Smouldering Fire. Her last book The House of Deer carries on with the McAslan clan, (although I do not believe that Phil would have forsaken Simon in this way, Gerald should have married Penny the American from his boat trip). Gerald and Elizabeth enter into the saga around Drumburly and re-introduce Freda from Five Windows. Jock from the Music in the Hills trilogy also knows of Freda and of course Bel Lamington links into these books. Bel's friend Margaret was a Musgrave and there are strong links from The Musgraves to Tall Stranger which was a sequel ( of sorts) to Five Windows. The Musgraves give a tenuous link back to Ryddelton  via the Mulberry Coach, a story written by one of Anna's daughters and nearly performed by Delia Musgrave. The Amberwell books link closely to Still glides the Stream which tie in with the Sarah books, in that  Will and Sarah both visit Nivennes and visit the Delormes family, although many years apart.

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