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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you do this for free?

We are a communications company, and like most internet access services providers, we make a little money on the call traffic.

What's an easy way to get started with live call divert?

Just login and select the 'Number Divert' tab. Click on Home, Office, or Mobile to divert your number to that destination.

Are there any hidden charges?

There are no bills, no contracts, no credit checks, no admin fees, no obligation to purchase a hidden product. When you get the account that’s it.

The only obligation is that you use the account.

What kind of numbers are these Unified Messaging accounts on?

The most recent accounts will have 070058 or 070059 prefixes, 070058 numbers are charged at BT´s D rate and can divert to UK landlines only and 070059 numbers are charged at BT´s K rate and are more flexible as they can can divert calls abroad and to mobile phones.

Call costs at BT's 'D' rate - 9.8p, 9.8p, 16.7p incl VAT (weekends, night, day) pence per minute before discount.
Call costs at BT´s 'K' rate - 12.5p, 25p, 37.5p incl VAT (weekends, night, day) pence per minute before discount.
Calls from other types of phones are approximately the same as calling a mobile phone.

How big are the the messages


We use the Real-Audio format. This is a good balance between quality and compactness. The average short phone message is about 10 secs, and 20 secs is quite a long message. Our system will by default take messages up to 2 minutes but you can choose to increase this if you want, but that is a very long message.

You should allow about 2KBytes per second, and this means that on a good line your message will download twice as fast as it takes to play.

We have recently addes the option to receive voicemail in .WAV or MP3 formats if you prefer.


Fax varies with the page contents. There is also the option to have the fax "zipped". If the page has pictures/halftones or comes from a dirty fax machine, or paper that is not white, then the amount of "information" rises. We deliver the fax dot for dot as we receive it. A faxed page of text with a signature at the end would take about 30-40KBytes so that on a good dial up internet connection each page takes about 10 seconds, assuming that it has been "zipped".

What software systems can I use it with?

Internet Browsers

We have tested the applications on IE4 and Netscape 4.5 onwards.

Email Software

You can use any email software that allows you to receive file attachments to emails. Our recommended email software programs are Outlook Express and Netscape Messenger, which are included in their respective version 4 browsers.

Fax Viewing on a PC

You can use Win95, Win98 or WinNT 4.0 or later. These operating systems have a program called Imaging with which you can view your faxes (you can open it by going to <Start>/<Programs>/<Accessories>/<Imaging>).

In the Windows 98 version of Imaging you should set the default to Imaging mode (<tools>/<General Options>/[_I_maging]).

Fax Viewing on a Mac and others

Please contact us with details of your operating system, and any other information that will help us to help you.

Voice Message Playback

When someone leaves you a voice message it is quickly sent to your email address as RealAudio (*.ra) or alternatiively a *.wav or *.mp3 file attached to an email. To playback your voice messages you will need;

You can also listen to your messages from any phone by dialling your control number.

  • A sound card
  • Speakers or headphones
  • Either RealAudio, RealPlayer, or RealPlayerG2. These software programs can all playback files with a *.ra extension. If you don't have this software, don't worry, after you have signed up you will receive instructions on how to get hold of it. Alternativel, if you can play *.wav or *.mp3 files you can choose to receive voicemail in these formats instead.

How do I control it?

You can control it through a phone line, there are voice "menus" with help buttons [0].

Also there are also WWW controls, so you can see a graphic of how your account is configured.

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Business Numbers
We can provide your business with 0800 freephone, 0845 locall and 0870 National numbers, or for an international prescence, 0871 Euro numbers.

Project an image of a big player with these universally recognised numbers

Check out our guide to Business Numbers for full details

Fax to email
As well as a free phone number for life, you can get a separate free fax number - divert it to your fax machine, or if you don't have a fax your faxes will be sent straight to your email address, where you can read them with software already installed on most PCs!

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