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CONTRACTS - breakdown of contracts over the previous 4 years.

KEY SKILLS - a table charting experience in Operating Systems, Languages, TP monitors, Databases, COMMS software etc.

DETAILED CV - my CV in full and gory detail

PERSONAL INFO - me. No photo yet.

TECHNICAL - links to other technical websites, plus link into technical articles I have written

LINKS - links into my favourite sites.

CONTACT ME - please do just that.

SERVICES: broken down into:
    OS/390 - all IBM OS/390 (MVS) related design & programming services
    All Things COBOL - exactly that
    LINUX - at present only links to a range of Linux related sites.
    HTML & JAVA - a page under construction

MORE - links to my JOKES and QUIZ pages

IR35 INFO - link to the pages of the PROFESSIONAL CONTRACTORS GROUP - set up to lobby against the latest
UK government 'no-brainer' - the so-called "Friday-to-Monday" worker or more correctly IR35 proposed legislation.