Hello Mum

Tue 12/10/99, ITV

Hello Mum

This one-off documentary was a hit and miss affair. The idea was to look at ordinary members of the public who had fleeting moments of fame, and find out what had happened to them afterwards. The better stories were those whose lives were changed positively - such as the woman who paid off her massive credit card bills through the quiz-show Who Wants To Be The Millionaire, and the winner of Gladiators who went on to become an international stunt-woman. Sadder were the people such as the Mastermind contestant who scored the worst ever score - dubbed disaster-mind, he gave up teaching not long afterwards to drive a cab. One of my favourites revisited was Diana Gould who memorably took Mrs Thatcher to task about the sinking of the Belgrano. Others were less interesting such as the people who already have had much more than their fifteen minutes through docusoaps like Driving School and Airline. Still it was good to see some of their faces again... ***

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