This web set works best on a medium to dark background and when text etc.  has been added it would be advisable to reduce those elements by 25% to 50% , ( depending on your own personal resolution preferences and so on ).The bars should be okay at the pre-set dimensions.  The 'back' and 'next' buttons at the bottom of this page are examples.The oblong button having text added, drop shadowed and then reduced from 203x82 down to 100x37.


Image7.gif (31488 bytes)

Large Plaque  31,488bytes

Image1.gif (4398 bytes)

Image2.gif (7658 bytes)

Bullet 4,398bytes

Oval  Button 7,658bytes

Image4.gif (13512 bytes)

Image6.gif (10875 bytes)

Round Button 13,512bytes

Oblong Button 10,875bytes

Image5.gif (4097 bytes)

Long Bar  4,097bytes

Image3.gif (2021 bytes)

Short Bar  2,120bytes

cj~teeny.gif (2993 bytes)

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