This web set will work best on contrasting mid tone backgrounds. And like nearly all the other web sets, it would be best to reduce the dimensions after adding your text or symbols. Doing this will create a more harmonized result as opposed to reducing the button and then adding text..... Check out the' back' and 'next' buttons at the base of this page to see an example.


moonroc~plaque.jpg (22138 bytes)

Large Plaque 24,078 bytes

moonroc~bullt.gif (4952 bytes)

moonroc~oval.gif (9827 bytes)

Bullet 4,834 bytes

Oval Button 11,456 bytes

moonroc~round.gif (17499 bytes)

moonroc~oblong.jpg (6896 bytes)

Round Button 17,847 bytes

Oblong Button 8,513 bytes

moonroc~lbar.jpg (3205 bytes)

Long Bar 4,436 bytes

moonroc~sbar.jpg (1230 bytes)

Short Bar 1,886 bytes

cj~mini~red2.gif (5820 bytes)

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Last Updated: May 15, 1999.

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