From the most ancient times in all cultures the poets have been regarded as visionary and the guardians of language. Like all the arts, poetry captures and discloses to us something of the hidden mystery of things - a reality glimpsed only rarely by most of us, yet recognised by all in universal works of art.

This page aims to present such poetry of vision from our own times, poetry that is not so likely to be published in the popular market. So this page is here to offer a small haven for such poetry to be more widely known. Contributions are welcome - but they must be poetry of vision.


Duane Williams


There hung in the air a curious form
coloured golden green like a pollen storm.
Had finches playing in a Silver Birch
sprinkled catkin dust from a springy perch?

"Stop and look away" spoke a deep knowing
but with spell-bound eyes he watched the glowing,
compelled by a force despite his own good
a child's voice whispered "explore the wild wood".

"Should you ever see on a swampy path
that Jack-a-lantern with the mocking laugh,
that Will-o'-the-Wisp of the forest slope
listen to your soul or lay down all hope".

For a fearful age he'd served such reason
but within his heart there festered a lesion;
for however wise or true this insight
it could not compare to that bright fetch light.

So should you believe the fire's a myth
ponder the frantic and foolish wordsmith,
that absent woodwouse clawing at the ground
though utterly lost is in madness found.

note: 'Woodwouse' - a wild man of the woods

Duane Williams



Valentin Gerlier

Nature speaks
and those who listen are silent
Unhindered spells of Love and Vision
sweep the inward balcony
From which all is perceived
And the Heart's song is molded with the Clay of Essence
And sculpted with the chisel of Emotion
The word of God resides here
And within withdrawal and sacred birth
The Source flows!

Valentin Gerlier