Henry George Discussion Group

Free The Land is a group specifically for the discussion of the philosophy of Henry George and the relation of the Land Question to wider philosophical questions. A prerequisite is to read Progress and Poverty.

We are concerned to discuss the practical application of Georgist principles but also to consider them in relation to the modern situation, to philosophical questions, to ecology, the meaning of human labour and creativity, the meaning of freedom, human potential, the nature of society and so on.

To join this group go to: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FreeTheLand/

Some of our members have been studying Henry George for some time, others are still working to understand the basic principles, but we are all united in the common intuition that human society is governed by natural laws which may be observed and reasoned through, and the belief that the fundamental cause of poverty and consequent problems in the world follow from the general failure to understand these natural laws.

Non-members may read the discussions at that website if they wish, but they must join to participate in the discussion.

Joseph Milne