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Ontos is dedicated to the exploration of philosophy, religion and culture at the deepest level. It is concerned with the eternal questions and the different ways these have been approached throughout human history and in our time. A high level of discussion should be maintained and conducted always in a spirit of enquiry. Ontos is open to all thoughtful people, not just academic scholars. The only rule is that any member who abuses the list will recieve one warning and if they persist will be removed without notice. It is hoped the list will grow into a friendly community of thought.

As you will have seen by the description of Ontos, the scope of our discussion is very wide. Yet there is a common foundation to all that may be discussed among us: the foundations of philosophy, religion and culture, the great questions that are asked throughout the ages, and which each age tries to respond to in its own unique way.

One of my hopes is that we shall be able to have a fruitful discurse together coming from many different perspectives. Some of us will be at home in Greek philosophy, some in modern philosophy, some in Eastern religion or thought, some in Christian thought. Some will be primarily interested in the arts, ancient and modern. So we shall each have our own insights and concerns, and these differences will be an advantage to us all and enable us to learn from one another. Some of these differences will certainly clash, so it is very important that we bare in mind we are a community of explorers with the common aim of seeking Truth and that we treat each approach to Truth with the utmost respect.

CONTROVERSY This does not mean there can be no argument or controversy here! It only means that we remain courteous to each other at all times, even in the most heated discussion! This discussion list was set up precisely to enable these clashes of ideas to confront one another, but with a view to seeking some deeper and unifying understanding beneath the differences.


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