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The Talk Of London 25/04/99 Robert Xavier Pamplemousse Downe is Murwillumbah's most famous product, next to sugar cane and bananas. Not a surprise since Murwillumbah actually means 'a good camping ground'. Amber in Murwillumbah 25/04/02
Bob's a Capricorn but has not revealed his actual birth date although he has let slip on numerous occasions that he is 29! He still lives at home with his mum, Ida, in the annex of an L-shaped caravan at the Now Or Never Caravan Park. Bob's dad, Neale, can usually be found in the shed while his brother, Mark, works in retail and his sister, Di, is a publicist in Adelaide. Nana Downe spends her time knitting and Aunty Bev is just plain mad.
From an early age, it was clear Bob would go far. He was the New South Wales Under Eight recorder champion and on the track, he consistently won the 100m 'run like a girl'. He continues to compete in the race to this day, triumphing with the Gold medal at the Sydney Olympics. He can underarm throw too. Why Weekly Bob's first job was in the window of Grace Brothers where he was doing back to school fashion but it was a chance appearance in a kids' hairdressing competition on The Tarax Show and watching 50's and 60's musicals on TV that were to lure Bob into the world of show. The boy was born to sing.
Bob first hit the spotlight at the Glebe Food Fair in 1984 and made his first stage appearance in A Nice Young Couple at Pastels Café in Sydney in 1985. Fame came shortly afterwards when he began hosting the daytime TV show, Good Morning Murwillumbah, on which Bob was able to provide his own inimitable fashion and hair care tips. A trim 40-regular, despite his 6' 1" height, Bob steps out in a dainty size 8-1/2 Hush Puppy. Bob & co-presenter Judy Free
The UK beckoned in the late Eighties and Bob has toured the country successfully ever since, including more than a dozen Edinburgh Festivals and an appearance on the 1995 Royal Variety Performance. Numerous TV credits include his own shows Bob Downe Under and The Bob Downe Special. He starred with Reg the Reg goldfish in Foreplay with Bob Downe and Bob Downe All Over Britain on the digital and cable TV channel UKPlay. Back in Australia, Bob co-hosted the 1999 ARIA Awards with Paul McDermott.
Beck Theatre, Hayes 09/04/99 The new Millennium started off well with Bob winning the Best Cabaret Artiste of 1999 at the 17th annual Green Room Awards in Melbourne. Million Sellers was nominated in the Best Show category. The previous July the show had played to 6,150 people over 21 performances at the Sydney Opera House. The accolades continued when Whiter! Brighter! was nominated in the Mooseheads at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. The show also gave Bob his second Best Cabaret Artiste award at the 2001 Green Room Awards. Towards the end of 2000 Bob had his own chat show, The Bob Downe Show on cable channel TV1. Highlights from the series, released on DVD in 2005, formed Bob's first ever solo video project.
Murwillumbah met Manhattan when Bob debuted his live show in New York, to great critical acclaim, in the Spring of 2001. A year later and Bob was to show he wasn't just a pretty face when he won the celebrity version of the Weakest Link. He was also the Big Brother voice on the Australian celebrity version of the reality TV series. Taking a different direction with his stage shows, Bob wowed the crowds at the Australian comedy festivals with a Rock 'n' Roll concert, Cold August Night, showing he was just as much the rock star as he was crooner. A show at Sydney's magnificent State Theatre was recorded for a future release as a live album. Melbourne Town Hall 18/04/02
British fans were thrilled when Bob finally returned to the UK. He played the largest venue at the Edinburgh Fringe for the whole of August. Whiter! Brighter! then went on tour around the country, culiminating with a week in London.
Hi Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen 30/08/02
Celebrating his 21st birthday in 2005, Bob took to the road with his anniversary concert, iBob. He also became guardian of a World Vision sponsored child although he was only expecting to receive a photograph.
2006 saw Bob team up with Pastel Vespa for a singing competition called Karaoke Dokey. In 2007 there were numerous appearances during Mardi Gras and a new jazz show, Live & Swingin', which toured Australia and headed to the UK in August. Bob then went on tour in Australia with Denise Drysdale in Ding Dong Downe.
Despite a long standing engagement to childhood sweetheart Coralee Hollow, a much-publicised engagement to the blonde bomb-site herself, Lily Savage and a girlfriend, Miss Pastel Vespa, whom Bob met while they were both working on cruise ships in the South Pacific, Bob on the Fairstar and Pastel on the Olivioflora, Bob remains a confirmed bachelor.
Special mention must be given to Mark Trevorrow for giving Bob a helping hand (and other body parts) to become the actor, singer, model, dancer and international variety artiste we know and love.

Transcript from online Chat with Bob Downe 29/7/99
Chat City
Chat with Bob Downe

speedy: He's coming up the stairs!

speedy: I am having a conniption!

speedy: not long to go now ...

speedy: hold onto those khaki daks!

speedy: Welcome Bob!

Bob_Downe: Hi kids.. well, here I am - virtually, anyhow

speedy: and on to the first question ...

speedy: Anonymous Question : Would you ever consider allowing your PA, Mark Trevorrow, a solo spot in one of your shows?

Bob_Downe: NO WAY, absolutely NO WAY, it's bad enough that he goes on Good News Week without my permission! SO embarrassing.. and he's such a POOF

speedy: Question from MissBeige : Knowing Julian Clary's aversion to man-made fibres how does he cope working with you and all that polyester?

Bob_Downe: He doesn't cope at all, in fact.

Bob_Downe: He broke out in a rash but we went to the doc's and it had nothing to do with my clothes, as it turned out

speedy: Anonymous Question : Do you stay in touch with Reg the goldfish?

Bob_Downe: Well, I've sent him a few postacards but apparently they get so soggy he can't read 'em

speedy: Question from AmberMarie : How do you keep your youthful good looks?

Bob_Downe: Just

speedy: Question from Offspring69 : Will you ever become sporty?

Bob_Downe: Yeh, when YOU get a decent nick!

speedy: Question from Pfaff : Where will you be on Hogmanay and how will you celebrate the new Millennium?

Bob_Downe: I'll be buried in a tardis with a lot of Campbell's soup, a torch and a bottle of Highland Spring - I'm TERRIFIED of the 2KY bug!!

speedy: Anonymous Question : What's been your most embarrassing moment?

Bob_Downe: Saying "good evening Adelaide!" when I was actually in Brisbane

speedy: Question from Peta_Allen : Bob, what is your book called - where can I get it?

Bob_Downe: "All Bob Downe", published by Penguin Australia - *ha* YOU try to find it!!

speedy: Question from Pfaff : What are your ambitions?

Bob_Downe: To meet Jamie Redfern and thank him for all those months of pleasure he gave Australia..

Bob_Downe: To STOP Bernard King

Bob_Downe: To have lunch with Prince Edward and Sophie

Bob_Downe: Well.. brunch

Bob_Downe: To collect EVERY issue of "Bunny", a 60s Harvey comic - 'she's hip, she's boss, she's mod - the Queen of the In Crowd!'

speedy: Question from magz52 : Bob, what's it like knowing you're an absolute bloody legend? And a damn good looking one at that?

Bob_Downe: That enough ambition for you?

Bob_Downe: LANGUAGE young lady/man!!

Bob_Downe: Thanks anyhow

speedy: Anonymous Question : Who would be your ideal woman?

Bob_Downe: I've got one - MUM. But don't tell Pastel, she'll put a Brazilian/Italian curse on me

speedy: Question from stefica : when was the last time you went to the Fish and Nana Festival in Mooball?

Bob_Downe: The Fish and Nana WHAT in WHERE?!?

speedy: Question from mark007 : where does the name bob Downe come from

Bob_Downe: Is that like the Banana Queen Festival in Mur-bah?

Bob_Downe: The name Bob Downe is an old family name - my full name is Robert Xavier Pamplemousse Downe (there are some French fruits in the family tree)

speedy: Question from sodo : why haven't u been on GNW yet?

Bob_Downe: Darling, Mark Trevorrow has a hold on THAT booking and that's just the way I like it - bunch of smarty trendy pants on that show, not to mention the bald one.. Julie McCrossin that is, *ha*

speedy: Question from lupi : hi bob - can you give us your big fashion tip for this summer?

Bob_Downe: Clogs

speedy: Question from Hanuman : I heard a rumour you once considered joining the priesthood. Is there any truth in that?

Bob_Downe: No, I like children too much

speedy: Question from Bobdownesgirl : do you remember getting a photo taken with a fat lady from the country last week?

Bob_Downe: I certainly do - from MAITLAND way I believe?

speedy: Anonymous Question : Is your hair real??

Bob_Downe: No, but the teeth are fake

speedy: Question from Hanuman : Do you sleep in the nude?

Bob_Downe: No, of COURSE not, Mum ties my hands to the side rails of the cot

speedy: Question from condet : Bob who is the funniest man in aust at the moment?

Bob_Downe: Funnily enough, a female character: the lovely VANESSA WAGNER, Jag 70s Super Model and close personal showbiz pal

speedy: Question from Wifestealer : bob what are u wearing right now?

Bob_Downe: Just a negligee

Bob_Downe: No, that's silly - the top half is a cow, the bottom half a horse, I'm on my way to a panto rehearsal

speedy: Question from gh-j : Bob...When can Perth expect a cultural uplift from your almighty presence?

Bob_Downe: Next January, my darling little sandgropers.. I know it's been AGES but believe me, I've been trying

speedy: Question from mark007 : what age did you start performing?

Bob_Downe: 6 or 7 days, Mum can't quite remember, she was in shock

speedy: Question from TPM : are you planning on doing any more work with Julian Clary in the future?

Bob_Downe: Would LOVE to, he's another close personal showbiz pal - we might do a version of "Love Child" with Saddam Hussein

speedy: Question from PoppyBee : bob i'm going to murwillumbah in a few weeks. can you recommend some sites to visit

Bob_Downe: The KFC is EXCELLENT

speedy: Question from cutie4you : whats it like being so famous?

Bob_Downe: What a qustion from a little nobody

Bob_Downe: That's QUSTION, I meant to type it like that

speedy: Question from Bobdownesgirl : Bob who makes your clothes

Bob_Downe: Mum, she's never off the Pfaff - she has a Husqvana on the side.. with a grass catcher

speedy: Question from eva-evol : have you had ballroom dancing lessons, bob?

Bob_Downe: No, but Arthur Murray taught me the cha-cha in a hurry

speedy: Anonymous Comment : Just wanna say it's great having you in my living room ;)

Bob_Downe: Yeh, well, can I lie down on the couch then?

speedy: Question from Pfaff : Do you have any tattoos?

Bob_Downe: Lots - they're all lick & stick, from a Hoadley's showbag

speedy: Question from Pfaff : Have you ever had singing lessons or are you naturally talented?

Bob_Downe: Neither

speedy: Anonymous Question : Bob are you going to be at Mardi Gras 2000?

Bob_Downe: YES!!! Whether or not I'll be Billy Crystal again, who can say? If not in the broadcast booth, then down on the street, deffo

speedy: Question from Wifestealer : i can juggle..i can dance...i can pull a rabbit out of a hat...can u give me a job?

Bob_Downe: Is there no BEGINNING to your talent?

speedy: Anonymous Question : Will you be off to the Edinburgh Festival this year?

Bob_Downe: Sadly, no - it feels quite strange, after 11 Edinburgh Fringes in a row!! (The Fringe is name after me, by the way)

speedy: Question from emsta : What's your all-time favourite musical?

Bob_Downe: South Park - Bigger, Longer, Uncut - best thing since The Sound of Music

speedy: Question from condet : Bob, costello & Bacharach have done a duo. Would you consider a duo with say Flacco?

Bob_Downe: I've already worked with Flacco - in Edinburgh! We sang 'Green Green Grass of Home' with the DAAS

speedy: Question from Pfaff : When was your first and last kiss and with whom?

Bob_Downe: First kiss - Coralie Hollow, in her caravan annex, 1963.

Bob_Downe: Lass kiss - See 'First kiss'

speedy: Question from Hanuman : What is your favourite fruit/vegetable?

Bob_Downe: The giant cherry tomato

speedy: Question from janebejane : Where did you get your brilliant yellow suit? where do you get most of your clothes?

Bob_Downe: Mum made it - it's bright isn't it? We were the only ones to buy that fabric..

Bob_Downe: Us and the State Emergency Services that is

speedy: Question from Pfaff : Has Lily Savage met Pastel Vespa?

Bob_Downe: NO!!!! Please please don't tell Lily about Pastel!! I'll end up at the bottom of the Mersey!!

speedy: Question from Funk_You : What washing powder do you recommend for polyester

Bob_Downe: Nothing too strong - Drain-O

speedy: Question from Bobdownesgirl : Bob have you ever met the queen..the real one lol

Bob_Downe: Yes, the real one (1995 Royal Variety, I was on between Marvin Hamlisch and Elaine Paige)

Bob_Downe: And plenty of OTHER queens besides

speedy: Question from TPM : Under what conditions would you say I could get away with wearing a paisley jumpsuit with pink fluffy mules?

Bob_Downe: Only with a fever above 109 deg F

speedy: Question from Wifestealer : if u were to choose...where would u shop MYERS....KMART or OP SHOP?

Bob_Downe: Darrell Lea

speedy: Question from mrsrolls : any chance of running for prime minister

Bob_Downe: Yes, and I think I could catch the little ###### AND tie him down

speedy: Question from Bobdownesgirl : Bob what are your favourite lollies

Bob_Downe: Milk chocolate ginger from my VWERY close showbiz pal, Darrell Lea

speedy: Question from CC99 : Do you think transparent clothes will become popular in the 21st century?

Bob_Downe: VWERY.. I sound like Elmer Fudd!

Bob_Downe: Yes, esp. with emperors (like Jeff kennett and Rudy Giuliani)

speedy: Question from Katisha_99 : do u like cats?

Bob_Downe: Fell asleep before the first act finished

speedy: Question from janebejane : should Australia become a republic (yes we should!)....well what do you think?

Bob_Downe: This is a VERY controversial subject in Mur-bah, can't say too much, esp. with Mum watching every word I type

speedy: Question from its_crap : body peircing.........yay or nay?????

Bob_Downe: YAY!!!!! as long as no skin is broken and no-one is hurt

speedy: Question from Jayce_87 : bob Down, what would you say has been your greatest moment in your career as an entertainer?

Bob_Downe: Um, that's Bob DOWNE, darling.. and my greatest moment? Meeting Bert Newton

speedy: Question from LittleCommo : How's Ida Downe these days?

Bob_Downe: She's as fit as a Mallee bull - as she always says, "Pressing on regardless"

speedy: Question from magz52 : Bob, do you have a favourite DAAS song?

Bob_Downe: 'I Want To Spill the Blood of a Hippy" is Nana Downe's favourite - I can't stand them myself, very naughty, smelly boys

speedy: Question from Pfaff : When can we see you in the film Mr Accident?

Bob_Downe: Gosh, you kids are well informed!! This is the new Yahoo Serious film, in which I have a TINY cameo - not sure when it's released, hopefully this year so I can go to the premiere in George Street

speedy: Question from Hanuman : Which movie did you like more? Austin Powers 1 or 2?

Bob_Downe: 2, definitely - I felt Doctor Evil showed a much more human side

speedy: Question from Bobdownesgirl : Bob tell us about the new olympic event you are going in

Bob_Downe: I'm going for GOLD in the 100m 'Run Like a Girl' - with underarm throw

speedy: Question from nugbug : how tall are you?

Bob_Downe: Well, I'm HUGE in England - about 9'6"

speedy: Question from stefica : speedy as cute as you?

Bob_Downe: No, but he's more enigmatic

speedy: Question from Hanuman : What do you think of genetic engineering?

Bob_Downe: Mum's got a friend called Dolly so it's a sore subject at our place

speedy: Anonymous Question : My family has disowned me ever since i danced to the bay city rollers with my orange lurex pansuit can i persuade them that this is the IN thing right now?..and to welcome it

Bob_Downe: Surely after 25 years you've developed an independent streak - or *gasP8 have you just DISCOVERED the bay city rollers? for god's sake, GET HELP

speedy: Question from Jayce_87 : would you ever like to sing along with the spice girls?

Bob_Downe: I'd love to, but I don't think I could hold my vocal talents back to the degree required

speedy: Question from eva-evol : who's better..sandman or flacco?

Bob_Downe: Now, don't force me to choose!! I love those boys EQUALLY

speedy: Question from magz52 : Bob, how long are you in Sydney, and what are you up to after MillionSellers is over? PS, my mum keeps bugging me to say hi, so hi from my mum.

Bob_Downe: The mums LOVE me, what can I say?

Bob_Downe: Million Sellers continues its aussie east coast tour - HOBART 13 & 14 aug, MELBOURNE 17 Aug-5 Sep, BRISBANE the week after that

speedy: Question from mrsrolls : Bob are you a jocket or boxershort man

Bob_Downe: Do you mean Jockette? mmmmm, the tighter the better

speedy: Anonymous Question : what one CD/ LP could you not live without

Bob_Downe: 'Hot August Night' - I think the Australian national anthem should be 'Song Sung Blue'

speedy: Question from -PARRA- : hey Bob where were u born..

Bob_Downe: MURWILLUMBAH, silly!!!! In the shadow of Mt Warning, where Australia Greets the Dawn

speedy: Anonymous Question : where's the strangest place you've performed?

Bob_Downe: Christchurch. The hills have eyes.. *shudder*

speedy: Question from Vviper : Are you releasing a NEw cd soon ???

Bob_Downe: TRYING to!! Watch out for an EP later in the year

speedy: Question from sodo : If u had the the chance to full on pash someone, who would it be?

Bob_Downe: Well, Ronan Keating's married now, so HE'S out. Skippy? Lizzie from 'Prisoner'? I just can't decide

speedy: Question from Hanuman : Do you think women have souls?

Bob_Downe: Hmm.. DEEP.. Mum has a pair of 40s wedgies, though!

speedy: Question from eva-evol : what is your ultimate goal in life?

Bob_Downe: The get the one Tony Lockett missed?

speedy: Question from Katisha_99 : what's ya fav. show?

Bob_Downe: To DO: Good News Week. To WATCH: "Greenacres"

speedy: Question from Jayce_87 : How does it feel to come back on your home turf of Australia? Do you miss the soggy weather of ol Britain?

Bob_Downe: Yes, I SO miss London - it's not STRESSFULL, EXPENSIVE, FILTHY, or CROWDED at all

speedy: Comment from -Michelle- : Come on Bob.......get DOWNE!! and DIRTY!!....the way we love

Bob_Downe: Well, I tried typing a swearword and all i got was a bunch of XXXXXX

speedy: Question from Funk_You : If you had a time machine, would you visit the past or the future?

Bob_Downe: The PAST, deffo: New York, 1961 - at the Peppermint Lounge, doing the Twist with Truman Capote and Glora Vanderbilt. HEAVEN.

speedy: Question from elektrik : Bob - how do you and other famous stars of the stage and screen (such as Austin Powers) get on ??

Bob_Downe: We ONLY sleep with each other. That's why we're so SCREWED UP.

speedy: Question from mrsrolls : Bob have you been to the zoo lately ? How did the Gorillas react to the Clothes?

Bob_Downe: Remarkably placidly. But the giraffes went OFF

speedy: Question from eva-evol : whats your starsign?

Bob_Downe: Leo. With Pepperoni rising

speedy: Question from stargal20 : If you had to live on one food what would it be???

Bob_Downe: Well, certainly NOT new large size Smarties.. I thought I'd SHRUNK

speedy: Question from Hanuman : What sort of cow do you drive?

Bob_Downe: A '65 Fresian convertible

speedy: Question from westy99 : Hey Bob...have you come across Tom and Nicole since you have been back in town?

Bob_Downe: Yes, and I wish they'd LEAVE ME ALONE. They're STALKING me.. from the cover of EVERY BLEEDIN' MAGAZINE

speedy: Question from Jayce_87 : will you settle down with that lovely girl from your MILLION SELLERS show?

Bob_Downe: Darling, it's a showbiz arrangement.. think Ernie & Denise.. Edward & Sophie.. what..? WHY CAN'T I put Tom & Nicole??

speedy: Anonymous Question : If you were stranded on a desert island what three items would you have to have?

Bob_Downe: A mobile phone, a charger and a spare battery


speedy: Question from stargal20 : Bob, you seem to lead such a happy and flirtatious life, do you ever feel down?

Bob_Downe: There are the quiet moments.. the desperate times.. but I try not to go by coach any more

speedy: Question from CC14 : Hey bob...... can you do the macarena??...... wanna hit the floor?...*grins*

Bob_Downe: I'd prefer to mosh at the Metro

speedy: Question from stefica : Bob..throw Michelle her nickers back...she's cold

Bob_Downe: Well, now she'll feel the benefit, won't she?

speedy: Anonymous Question : when is the next time you'll be chatting?

Bob_Downe: Darling, I never STOP

speedy: and the last one ...

speedy: Question from janebejane : What is your greatest fear in life?



speedy: Comment from janebejane : thanks for your precious time to answer our humble questions. My computer is positively glowing from the experience :)

speedy: Comment from gh-j : bye bob

speedy: Comment from eva-evol : we love you bob!! you are very important, special and unique

speedy: Comment from Jayce_87 : don't worry Bob, we're not all psychopaths on the internet......we just like you very very very much

speedy: Comment from Pfaff : Great to chat with you Bob. Hope we can do this again real soon.

speedy: Comment from -Michelle- : wooohoooo Bob....You SEXY thang you......*winks*

speedy: Comment from -Michelle- : Hooray for Bob!!........*applaudes*

speedy: Comment from Vviper : Great to chat with you....come back soon

speedy: Comment from gchick999 : Nooooo,don't go

speedy: Question from -Michelle- : I love you bob!!....oh yes I do....I love you bob....oh true oh true....and when you're not near me.....I'm bluuuuuuuuue.....I love you bob....I LOVE YOU!!!

speedy: bob has now left the building.....

speedy: Bob's the best!!! Thanks guys!!!