Bob and Mark have been seen on a variety of Television programmes over the years. Included here are just a selection. Pour yourself a glass of dry white wine, sit back and relax as we journey through some of those memorable, small screen appearances. Bob on the Box

The British Comedy Awards 1995
This is Big For the biggest night in the Comedy calendar, Bob wore his biggest collar and hair.
"This is almost like the Royal Variety Show. It was incredible backstage, the tears, the tension, the tantrums, the drama. In the end we said, 'all right Cliff, do half an hour!'" This is almost like the Royal Variety Show
She's just a Devil Woman "She's just a Devil Woman, with evil...

He scares me when he does that."

Jonathan Ross, host for the night, tried to move the ceremony along...
I've waited long enough Jonathan: "Bob, we better hurry up or we'll not finish until Nick Leeson comes home."
Bob: "I've waited long enough, I'm gonna enjoy myself."
Eventually, Bob did announce the winner of the best ITV sitcom but by this time no-one cared.
02/12/95 ITV

The Royal Variety Performance 1995
I'm over here Lift me boys
The curtain rises at the Dominion Theatre and the spotlight searches the stage but, unlike probably any other performer, Bob chose to make his grand entrance from the front of the stalls. A few bars of I Write The Songs and a helping hand from men in suits and Bob was up on the stage.
Soft and natural I'm catching a fabulous breeze back there
"How's it looking? Soft and natural? "People think the hair is real and the teeth are fake! It's always the back of the neck that gives it away. I'm catching a fabulous breeze back there."

Bob couldn't believe the whole stage was all his and had to do a spontaneous, Pan's People jazz ballet run. Normally he does college gigs, because he wants to, not because he has to. Engineering are his favourites!

A quick burst of Lucky Stars was followed by Bob's finale, a rendition of I Will Survive, which wowed the audience.

"Think I better dance now..."
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Roll Over Bob
Try and follow that
The compere for the night, Des O'Connor, described Bob as a "shy little thing. You'd never think to look at him, he plays scrum half for Wigan!"
Backstage, after the finale, That's What Friends Are For, it was time for one Queen to meet another.
Are you copying me? The Queen's handshake was like a dead trout wrapped in satin!
Her Royal Maj: "Are you working here or there?"
Bob: "Yes and no. I work a little bit in Australia, I work a little bit in London, I'm a little bit Country, I'm a little bit Rock 'n' Roll, I'm a little bit Donny, I'm a little bit Marie!"
Her Royal Maj: "Can I see a valid work permit?"
29/11/95 ITV

Jack Dee Variety Show
Bob made a guest appearance.
1995 ITV

That's Showbusiness
Bob made a guest appearance on this quiz show hosted by Mike Smith.
1995 BBC1
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Pebble Mill
A second appearance by Bob on this live, lunchtime entertainment show presented by Alan Titchmarsh.
1995 BBC1

The Coca Cola Hit Mix
Bob appeared on this music magazine programme presented by Terry Christian.
1995 Sky

Talking Telephone Numbers
Bob took part in this game show hosted by Phillip Schofield and Emma Forbes (later replaced by Claudia Winkleman). Celebs and guests performed acts and then found a way to create a random number. When five numbers were revealed and they matched the last five digits of your telephone number, you were invited to call in with the hope you might win a prize.
1995 ITV

Bob made his UK television breakthrough with this appearance on Michael Barrymore's top-rating variety comedy show. Bob showed Michael how to be an extra in a Cliff Richard or Tommy Steele movie and how to do the Pans People jazz ballet run. Together they sang That's Life.
04/95 ITV

Live From The Lilydrome
Live From The Lilydrome Live From The Lilydrome Live From The Lilydrome
Recorded in the Layton Institute, a working men's club in Blackpool, where Bob's fiancée Lily Savage compered a variety show. Bob sang Copacabana and Fever, accompanied by the always unpredictable Ms Savage. They then duetted together on Baby It's Cold Outside.
11/03/-22/04/95 ITV

Gerry Ryan Tonight
Bob was a guest on this live chat show.
1995 RTE

Anderson On The Box
Bob was a guest on presenter Gerry Anderson's show, which had Patrick Kielty as the warm-up act.
1995 BBC Northern Ireland

Bob appeared on this Scottish arts listings show.
1995 STV

The Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Broadcast
The Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras 1995
Julian Clary was anchor man in the studio and Bob was one of his special guests.
03/95 ABC
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