Bob and Mark have been seen on a variety of Television programmes over the years. Included here are just a selection. Pour yourself a glass of dry white wine, sit back and relax as we journey through some of those memorable, small screen appearances. Bob on the Box

Quads series 2
John Callaghan's animated comedy series centred around quadriplegic, recovering alcoholic, lapsed Catholic Reilly O'Reilly. He is a man who doesn't take to labels sitting down - not by choice anyway. He and his differently abled friends find that sharing their lavish residence 'Maimed Manor' is a constant battle with con-men, do-gooders and deviants - and then there is the outside world to deal with as well. Mark joined the second series of thirteen episodes and was the voice of lead character Spalding, Reilly's overtly gay, Australian physical therapist.

Cripple Challenge
Midnight Cash Cowboy
Let the Gimp Games Begin
Heaven Can Bite Me
Gray Matter
Vacation to Lesbos
Trial & Error
Cain & Enabler
To Slash or not to Slash
Church of Reilly
The Magnificent Severed
Griz Savant
The Gambling Bug

11/11/02-03/02/03 SBS

The Way We Were: Frank Sinatra In Australia
Norman Erskine & Mark
Mark presented this one-off special chronicling the seven visits Frank Sinatra made to Australia and the relationship he had with the Press. Archival footage and home movie clips of Mark as a boy showed the way society has changed over the last five decades. Mark interviewed those connected with 'Ol' Blue Eyes', including Norman Erskine, who supported Sinatra's Rat Pack. Mark sang That's Life/Mack The Knife with Norman then special guest, Gina Riley joined them for That Old Black Magic.

"The job requires a straighter approach as opposed to a stupid, camp approach. Bob is something that's more about satire whereas this was about talking to the people involved and singing 'straight'." - Mark Trevorrow.

06/10/02 ABC
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Liquid News
Liquid News
Making a rare appearance as himself on UK TV, Mark discussed the day's entertainment news with presenter, Max Flint and fellow guest, Emily Dean.
10/09/02 BBC Choice

Celebrity Big Brother
Bobby Downehol Bob was the voice of Big Brother and also had a major influence on the design of the house. His own face hung on the wall, immortalised in a piece of pop art in the style of Andy Warhol. The painting was the centre of several in depth arty conversations between the celebrity housemates, even causing some to ponder the meaning of life!
When the show ended, the painting was auctioned and raised AU$3500 for charities including Ronald McDonald House and Starlight Children's Foundation Australia. 'Bobby Downehol'* is now (well) hung in Scotland.
*christened by Julianna & shamelessly stolen by me!
21/07/02 Channel Ten

Kath & Kim
Kath & Kim Kath & Kim
'It's ny-ioce, it's different, it's un-ewes-yewl!' Kath is a fortysomething empty nester who is very proud of her home and how she looks. Kim is her spoilt twentysomething daughter. With Kath's fiancÚ Kel, Kim's estranged husband Brett and her second best friend Sharon, they love to make mountains out of molehills and sows ears out of silk purses. Mark played Daryl Lee, a rather effeminate tailor, with an 80's look, in 'Money', episode 6 of the first series.
#1.6 20/06/02 ABC
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Weakest Link
Cornelia Frances hosted this Australian adaptation of the UK quiz show of the same title. Contestants battle for a possible AU$100,000 over 8 rounds, comprised of 7 rounds where AU$10,000 is on offer and a second last round where $30,000 is up for grabs. Initially there are 9 contestants, with one eliminated at the end of each round of general knowledge questions. The 2 remaining players then have one further round where the money is trebled, after which they battle it out for the accumulated total bank built up over the previous 8 rounds.
Weakest Link Bob & Denise
Bob took part in a Celebrity Special, having prepared by doing a six week study course.
Weakest Link Ooh, I've got a hard one
The questions were tough. "What colour is blue?"
Bob & Denise Weakest Link
Downe to the last two contestants and it was a nail biting finish. Not wanting to do the 'walk of shame' (his arse looked shocking in those pants), Bob pulled out all the stops.
Weakest Link Bob wins
Showing he's not just a pretty face, Bob triumphed and coined the phrase, "I am the strongest link - Hello!" He won AU$22,000 for his chosen charity, The Smith Family, which is where he said he got all his clothes.
Thanks to Anthea and her digital camera for the pictures!

Good Morning Australia
Good Morning Australia Good Morning Australia 02/06/02
Bob sang Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes), with The X-Rentals, to promote his upcoming shows at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. Mark himself was also a regular on the show and sang Witchcraft later in the year.
04/02 Channel Ten
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Melbourne Comedy Festival Gala
Melbourne Comedy Festival Gala
The Gala was held at the Palais theatre on Wednesday 27 March 2002, and was presented by Triple J Breakfast Show and ABC Glasshouse host - Wil Anderson. A number of top international and local guests included - Bob, Al Murray (UK), Carl Barron, Chris Addison (UK), Daniel Kitson (UK), Dave Hughes, John Hegley (UK), Lano & Woodley, Paul McDermott, Peter Helliar, Rachel Berger, Rene Hicks (USA), Tony Woods (USA), and the Umbilical Brothers plus many many more. Bob sang a medley of I'm So Excited/Mickey/Footloose.
11/04/02 Channel Ten
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The Glasshouse
The Glasshouse
Wil Anderson, Dave Hughes and Corinne Grant hosted this topical news comedy. Mark guested alongside Indira Naidoo.
#2.5 29/03/02 ABC
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Rove Live
Rove Live
To close the show and as a preview to his Melbourne Comedy Festival appearance, Bob sang Steve Miller's classic The Joker, backed by his band The X-Rentals.
#3.4 05/03/02
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Ten News Update
Ten News Update Ten News Update
Bob was part of Channel Ten's marketing of the late night news. He appeared in an advertisement when he tried to show the newsreaders how to "shuffle the script", complete with a headband made from toilet paper.
2002 Channel Ten