Welcome to the 'For All The Cows Glossary of Foo Terms!'


(Compiled by Chris Duffy and Alex Brown)


Foo Fighters - Apparently, near the end of WWII, the U.S. Air Force patrolling German airspace encountered highly maneuverable balls of light in the area between Hagenau in Alsace-Lorraine and Neustadt an der Weinstrasse in the Rhine Valley. These unidentified flying objects came to be referred to as "Foo Fighters", or "Kraut Balls" by those who believed the objects were a secret German weapon. (Or so I am told!)

Wattershed -

XZ38 Disintegrator Pistol - The name of the raygun pictured on the cover of the Foos' self-titled debut album.

Flober - Taylor Hawkins' own definition of cocking something up. Eg. Dropping a drum stick during a chorus.) He said it on the Foo Fighters intimate and Interactive on Much Music. Thanks to Foo Fighters.net for that definition.

Ditty - Sometimes dave says "here´s a little Ditty, called.... ". A little Ditty means a little something. Thanks to Jokum Larsen of the Foo Traders Forum and the Village Of The Foo People.


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