Welcome to the 'For All The Cows Miscellaneous Stuff Page!

This page includes all types of things which can not be easily placed in categories. Stay tuned for a recording of my bands first song. Be prepared for a long wait though, we have to learn to play our instruments first!

1.) Cows screen saver - Hilarious screensaver featuring, yes you guessed it, cows! Complete with sound effects. (89kb)

2.) My bands homepage - We have finally got our band together! It's called GRASSY KNOWLE (TM) (You'll see why it's spelt that way if you visit the page). I have been learning guitar for about 2 years now, and am pretty goddamn good!. Alex, one of the guitarists has been playing for about a year, and Ryan is learning slowly. He can play all of Nirvana's songs. Paul Windor is the drummer, and he is bloody brilliant!

Grassy Knowle Guitar sample - A sample of the drummers skills playing brohymn. This sample really does not do him justice.