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August 15th - Dave Grohl will be making an appearance on the Jo Whiley Radio Show on Radio 1 on Friday the 28th of August sometime between 12:00 - 14:00 (the day before the Foo Fighters play The Reading Festival in the UK). The Foos might also make an appearance on Friday's Top of the Pops as well, as the Foos will be there at the right time to appear on the show. Though this has not been confirmed.

(Thanks to The Foo Fighters Internet Archive for that news item.)

July 28th - In this months Kerrang! magazine, they have a special feature titled "The Top 100 Coolest Rock Stars." Both Dave and Taylor are in it, along with details about each of them. Go out and buy it before its gone, its a good buy!

July 26th - "The Dave Grohl Sory" will be on Canadian radio (102.1 fm the Edge) on the 2nd of August. The show is going to be live in RealAudio format, and will be aired at 7:00pm, until 8:00pm. The address is:

(Thanks to The Foo Fighters Internet Archive for that news item)

July 18th - Sorry about the delay. The Foo Fighters have been nominated for three categories at the MTV awards, for their Everlong video. The nominations are as follows:

June 27th - The Foo's performance was aired today at 3:50 pm. First up was Monkey Wrench, a bit out of tune but from the cheers, you could tell the crowd didn't care. Next was Alone + Easy Target, which was a lot better, with an added guitar and drum duet in between each verse. Big me, which was next, was excellent, as it gave his throat a rest from the shouting of the previous two songs, and he could take advantage of that. The next song, I'll Stick Around, was pretty good too, perhaps he had finished warming up. The instrumentals were spot on too. This is a call, the grand finale of the show, was the best in my opinion, and obviously the crowd thought so too, as they sang along to the words.

*If you wish to trade a copy of a RealAudio version of the show, recorded by myself (ie. for a copy of Ozzfest on RealAudio), then email me* (Click on the address at the bottom of the page).

June 26th - The Foo's performed on stage at Glastonbury today. Unfortunately they were chosen to play whilst the football was on, and the two clashed. Shame, as many people missed a great set.

June 24th - Here is the complete setlist from the Ozzfest on Saturday 6/20/98:


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