Welcome to the 'For All The Cows' Events Guide

(A list of dates and venues for the Foo Fighters tour.)


US Residents

The Foo fighters will be touring the following areas in the US, on these dates:

Lansdowne Park, Ottawa - 29th of June 1998

Parc des Illes, Montreal - 30th of June 1998

Molson Park, Barrie - 1st of July 1998

Winnipeg Stadium, Winnepeg - 4th July 1998

Saskatchewan Place, Saskatoon - 5th of July 1998

Commonwealth Stadium, Edmonton - 8th of July 1998

Race City Speedway, Calgary - 9th of July 1998

Thunderbird Stadium, Vancouver - 11th of July 1998


UK Residents

The Foo fighters will be featuring at Glastonbury, Milton keynes, and Reading this year, on the following dates:

Milton Keynes National Bowl - 20th of June 1998 REVIEW

Glastonbury festival - 26th of June 1998 REVIEW

Reading festival - 29th of August 1998

(These dates may change due to complications so treat these dates as a guide.)