I will try to make a few more themes as soon as I get the chance. I hope to eventually have a theme for each car on my site. For best results when unzipping these themes use Winzip 7.0

Welcome to the themes section, all of the themes are created by me by using images and sounds etc I found on the net and also some which I created myself. If you see one of your images/sounds then contact me and I will remove that item or give you credit for it.

If you have a car theme, then email me and I will try to put it on my, don't email me the file straight away, wait until I confirm that I have enough space for it. If you already have a download site for theme then email the details with a preview like those below 320x200 in JPG format.

Porsche 911 Theme - 590K - This theme contains two themes, both contain the same sounds, but has different backgrounds and colour schemes. Preview theme

BMW M3 Theme - 359K - This file contains one theme with sounds and cursors. The background image was created by myself using various images. Preview theme

Dodge Viper GTS Theme - 425K - This theme is very similar to the BMW theme with a different background image. Preview theme

Lamborghini Diablo Theme - 505K - The theme background was created by me using three separate images of Diablo's and creating a montage. Has some good sounds and a bright colour scheme. Preview theme


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