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My best Carma1 cars (remember these?)


My other files can be found around www.crashnburn.co.uk , including 50 cars, billboards, loadscreens, a ped and a track.

DownloadC2 Eagle3 (Eagle II) DownloadC2 Buzzmobile (Eater)
DownloadC2 AbbaCab (Rig) DownloadC2 PorkerII (Carrera)
DownloadC2 Vlad3 (Vlad) DownloadOfficer Orange (Agent)
DownloadParkEd car (Hunter) DownloadWreckEd car (ED101)
DownloadInvisible (Hammerhead) DownloadTigerSkin (Harry)
DownloadBlue Caddy (Otis) DownloadBen Hur (Sinthea)
DownloadScrewie Stunner (Stella) DownloadDuke's Gang; Silver (Supp)
DownloadDropDeadGorgeous (XJ) DownloadArmyTank (Faust)


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