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This is Tripod, the Meltdown editor, you may realise that I like mass destruction and amusing car-killing methods.
[Dear BBFC : Not in real life, it's just a game!]
Here are some of my screendumps.


I overdid it with the kangaroos. Dukester's special guest appearance. Boing! There's no stopping the guy! LITERALLY ! Close encounters of the absurd kind. Shaken but not stirred. The bigger they are, the harder I hit! You've got to start somewhere. Just gimme my ticket and let me go. FORE! The worst crash.... in the world.... EVER. Do you mind if I have my ice-cream first please? They'll never learn. There was once this car with a real bad attitude... RRRUUUNNN !!! The fastest car in the west. We'll be expecting delays, there's a truck on the track. I can't BEAR to watch. May the force be with you, the truth is out there. The driver doesn't know if he's coming or going.


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