tuktuk   Tuk-tuk, Delhi

hmf-truck1   New truck at the Himalayan Mountaineering Federation

hmf-truck2   New truck again

crash   Being towed

flags   Prayer flags near Manali, Uttar Pradesh

paragliding   Paragliding at Manali

amritsar   The Golden Temple at Amritsar

mycamel   My camel and driver, near Bikaner

cards   At cards in the Thar Desert

rat   Rat temple

getting-pissed1   Beer in Jaipur

getting-pissed2   More beer in Jaipur

hangover   The next day

jaipur   The Observatory at Jaipur

monsoon-palace   Roof of the Monsoon Palace Hotel, Udaipur

taj   Taj Mahal

throne   A Moghul throne, Red Fort, Agra.

varanasi   Streets of Varanasi

varanasi-observatory   The Observatory at Varanasi

plaque   Plaque, Varanasi Observatory