cologne   Campsite in Cologne

autobahn   On the Autobahn

lunch-transylvania   Lunch in Transylvania


dave-turkey   Little Dave at the Turkish Border

janetnjules   Janet and Jules at Topkapi Palace, Istanbul

breakdown-gallipolli   Dave gets greasy after breaking down near Gallipolli

selcuk2   Hanging out at Selcuk

olimpos-beach   On the beach at Olimpos

roughcamp-pamukalle   Rough camp near Pamukalle

ferry   Ferry in Eastern Turkey

nemrutdag2   The crater at Nemrut Dag, near Lake Van

ararat   Driving past Mount Ararat

Syria, Jordan, Lebanon

kaya-aqaba   Kaya at Aqaba, Jordan

asleep-petra   All asleep at Petra, Jordan

baalbek   The columns of Baalbek, Lebanon

silhouette-baalbek   At Baalbek

lunch-baalbek   Lunch at Baalbek

beirut   War damage, Beirut

hardrock-beirut   Hardrock Cafe, Beirut

straight-street   A Street called Straight, Damascus


iran-road   On the road in Iran

teahouse-bam   Teahouse in the citadel at Bam

tehran   Tehran Airport