Jenny Smedley is extremely versatile in her connection to the world of spirit. She has extraordinary insight into a wide range of spiritual and paranormal subjects and a wealth of knowledge in past lives. She is highly respected in the business.

Jacky Newcomb, TV Presenter, Best Selling Author


A Global Phenomenon

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World renowned

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Unique rapport with the natural world

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Jenny is a true font of knowledge on all angel-related matters.

 Katy Evans, editor of Soul&Spirit



Book Endorsements

Everyday Angels

At times we all need guidance and sometimes we forget how close it is, all we have to do is reach out or ask! Jenny restores a belief in us all. Bless you Jenny.

Barrie John – International Multi Award Winning TV Medium, Presenter, Broadcaster, Speaker, Paranormal Investigator and Columnist


Jenny Smedley’s latest book, Everyday Angels, is a divine treasure trove of information. Whoever we are and whatever we’ve done, we’re all blessed with an angel. Read Jenny’s powerful prose to find yours. This is a handbook to keep forever.
Mary Bryce
Editor, Chat it's fate

Soul Angels

As a past life therapist I often encounter Angels, both from my client's beliefs and through the experiences they have in their regressions. Jenny provides the definitive work on the subject, and has put a whole new perspective on the importance of Angelic beings.
Andrew Hillsdon.
Chairman of the Past Life Therapists association - Worldwide

Ever wondered why life can sometimes appear unkind, even cruel? Find the answers in Jenny Smedley’s profoundly thought-provoking book written in her inimitable, stimulating style.
Mary Bryce
Editor, Chat it's fate - UK

Angel Whispers


Have you ever thought you might have seen or heard an angel? If so, this is the book for you.

In Angel Whispers the angels really do talk to you!

This book is a veritable compendium covering every aspect of angels and their work with humans and animals. Full of helpful hints and anecdotal evidence of angel contacts, Jenny guides you carefully through each step – including some very beautiful meditations, angel card readings, working with crystals, preparing remedies and more. Has anything been left out? I don’t think so. Certainly, I found this to be a treasure chest of information which not only gave me some new insights but also confirmed much of which I was already aware. Clear and well written, this book is a must for anyone and everyone.

Joan Osbourne - Paradigm Shift magazine

I found this book uplifting and a fascinating insight into Angels and their miracles. I could not put it down. Enjoy! I did. 
Jenny Tomasin. (Ruby in "Upstairs Downstairs" and Noreen in "Emmerdale")

I believe Jenny Smedley has a unique gift - not only does she generously share her ability to communicate with the spiritual world, but in delivering the messages she receives in a clear, warm and comforting way, she gives people peace and reassurance. This is a book not to be missed.
Kate Kirsten, Acting Editor, Take 5 magazine - Australia

This wonderful book transports angels from their lofty realms bang into your every day life—which exactly where you want them, of course!  Every chapter gives practical advice on everything from choosing angel oracle cards and creating an angel sanctuary to finding out what your personal
angel looks like.

Sue Ricketts, Editor, Take A Break’s Fate & Fortune - UK

This fantastic book shows everyone they can connect with angels. Focusing on four types of angelic beings, Jenny gives us lots of easy ways to bring angels into our lives, while recounting numerous heart-warming stories of how angels have come to the rescue in times of need.
Katy Evans, Editor, Soul&Spirit! - UK

Pet Have Souls Too

As a nation of animal lovers, I'm surprised it's taken this long for someone to write about what happens when our two or four legged friends die. Still, it was well worth the wait. Not only will this book give comfort to the many who cannot come to terms with their pet's death, it's an absorbing and refreshing read too.
My life is devoted to animals, so I felt a lot of empathy with many of the topics Jenny Smedley addressed. If there is just one thing you learn from "Pets have souls too", I hope it will be that the spirit world is not just the preserve of humans, it embraces all living things.

Claudine Tisbury Joint founder of Spirit Of The Dog charity, founder of Karma Dog Training and dog behaviourist


A deeply powerful and emotional message unfolds on the pages that Jenny Smedley crafted so creatively together. Jenny takes on a subject that all human beings who have loved animals have known in the hearts - that pets do indeed have souls. This is a book that any "animal person" will enjoy and relate to. It's a cover-to-cover read that can't be put down; and even when you have finished, you won't stop thinking about the many touching stories and how they relate to your own experiences with your feathered, furry, or even scaly friends.
Marie Hulett - Newspaper Columnist - Animal Files
Television Producer (Animal Programs and Educational Documentaries)
Radio Show Host - The Pet Place - USA

Pets have souls too is a fascinating and truly thought provoking read. The incredible stories people have shared of their own experiences and special relationships they have had with their pets, both during life and beyond. This book manages to captures every possible emotion, and gives a brilliant insight into the amazing connections humans can have with their animals. This book really does leave you thinking.
Elizabeth Thorton - top animal trainer for25 years, supplying animals for films such as Cold Mountain, Nannie McPhee and Eastenders and The Bill.
A1 Animals

Souls Don't Lie

Souls Don't Lie is a dramatic account of the author's past life that is both fascinating and thought provoking. I highly recommend it.
Dr. Bruce Goldberg
"Past Lives, Future Lives Revealed"
"Spirit Guide Contact Through Hypnosis"

This book gives enlightening insight into past lives and how they can change and enhance your future. And whether you believe in past lives or not, it's a fascinating read. I found every page exciting and exhilarating. Souls Don't Lie is a must read for those whose tastes lean towards either the scientific or the psychic.
Uri Geller Uri's Web Page.

Anyone will find this fascinating story compelling reading. 
Shane Richie

I can see why it seems to have an effect on people. I am not normally an emotional person, but when I finished Chapter 2, I was reading the words through tears...
Steve Sakellarios - Film Producer - Atlanta USA

Whether or not you believe in past lives, this book cannot fail to fascinate you, and perhaps comfort and console you that there are always fresh beginnings, new lives, even 'new' loves that are maybe 'old' ones, that never really die.

A story too strange to ignore.......a rather sexy romance with Garth as the romantic lead......
Country Weekly Magazine.

I'll start off by saying that I am not a avid reader unless they are biography or autobiography, however, my interest grew with this book, the book was excellent, The story line was great, I felt that I could actually see Madeleine and Ryan through their hardships and their love for one another, the mother-in law, the Maid, all made the story that much better, if I could find more books like this, I would probably read a lot more. Thanks for the great story.
Shane Casello

It really gripped me like only few have before...and I've always read a lot of books... I was truly captivated by this beautiful story, the impressive characters and most of all your g r e a t writing style. It rarely happens that I manage to concentrate on reading a book and really get into it so that I forget everything around me ( I got a husband and two kids so there are usually lots of disturbances...<g> ) but I was magically transferred into another world, so that everyone had to really shout at me in order to get my attention :-))
Birgit (Germany)

I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoyed your book. I could not put it down to save my life..

Well what can I say. I read your book in just 2 nights! I could not put it down. I have never been so gripped by a book in my life. It was simply wonderful, superb. It was almost like I was there...part of the story. 
Joyce - Scotland

A revealing, deeply personal exploration of a remarkable woman's journey through the darkness and out into the light.
Amy Oscar, Publisher, As If Magazine,

The Tree That Talked

The Tree That Talked is the story of the life of one oak tree grown from an acorn. We learn of its struggle to survive, its strength and vulnerability, and all it witnesses beneath its boughs. It is also a riveting tale of murder and intrigue, told with compassion for every character who passes by the plot of land where the tree grows, as the terrain changes from sacred grove to housing development. Jenny Smedley is a seamless storyteller. Set in the historical context of industrial revolution and development, with a root in nature and ecology, she interweaves a tendril of druidic paganism to explain the spiritual and earthy cycle of life and death, release and renewal. Engaging, redemptive, earthy and spiritually aware, this deceptively simple book opens the mind to the limitless cycle of life.
Carolyn Burdet, editor Kindred Spirit - UK

The tree that talked, takes you through a British history remembrance through the eyes of a tree. Gently written, the book invokes your own ancestry cells back into life as you feel the characters with in the book are some how you, in another life.
Becky Walsh Presenter of The Psychic Show on LBC 97.3 - UK

The Tree That Talked is like no other book you have ever read. Jenny Smedley uncovers the hidden mysteries of trees, and brings these lessons and meanings all together in an easy-to-understand language . This book will help you de-code and uncover the hidden mysteries of nature.
Gary Quinn, bestselling author of Living In The Spiritual Zone and May The Angels Be With You - USA

Somehow, it seems entirely appropriate that a self-confessed seed planter should write a book about a tree...
Jenny has always had the skill of transforming spiritual truths into easily understandable English, while preserving the importance of the original message. The interconnectedness of life, using one particular life form as the axis of the story, is a unique theme that certainly befits Jenny's literary style. As usual, don't be surprised when the gentle revelations come to mind while turning the pages.
Michael Hunter
presenter, The Metaphysical Show
Three D Radio - Adelaide, Australia

Forever Faithful

If you have ever experienced the magic of a dear animal's reincarnation, or if you long to be reunited with one you have lost, Forever Faithful, will provide solace, consolation, understanding, and most of all, hope.

 Maureen Harmonay

Animal Communication Book Club

I just want to say thank you for your book, Forever Faithful. My  soul mate, Molly the collie, died on Monday after only 4 years together  (a rescue dog with 3 legs), and I was beyond myself with grief.  Everything you said in your book resonated within me and my belief  system, and it gave me great solace in my grief. Your book put into words everything I feel and made 
sense at a time when rational thought was impossible! I was going crazy, but your book gave me sanity. Thanks with all my heart and soul.
Anita Neilson