Jenny Smedley has collaborated on many songs, including: THE SOUNDTRACK FOR THE MOVIE, SOULS DON'T LIE

Reckless Heart (Smedley/Upton)

Rough Waters (Smedley/Goodall)
I'm Still Falling (Smedley/Upton) WON A SILVER DISK!
Spinning Jenny (Smedley/Cannell)
Training Fred (Smedley/Syer)
Royal Norfolk Show (Smedley/Syer)
Lovely Rosita (Smedley/Wendell/Wendell)
Sometimes (Smedley/Kane)
Big Surf Coming (Smedley/Upton)
Injection of affection (Smedley/Wright/Powell/Franklin)
Souls Don't Lie (Smedley/Upton)
Another Kind of Rodeo (Smedley/Wright/Upton)
She's Almost You (Smedley)
You Never Left My Heart (Smedley/Flowers)
Bluebells (Smedley/Goodall)
Earthbound (Smedley/Goodall)
Ain't Gonna Fall (Smedley/Goodall)
Tame Fire (Smedley/Cannell)

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