Metal Slug 3 should finally have been released in the arcades around now (April 2000) so here's a quick look at this highly anticipated third game in the Metal Slug series. It's actually the fourth arcade Metal Slug game SNK have done so far, the last release Metal Slug X was really just a remixed version of Metal Slug 2 though- the good news is that this is a completely NEW episode in the series! This time around expect a whole new story-line, once again involving the evil General Morden, even more outlandish stages (including a few underwater levels), new adversaries, more controllable vehicles, secret bits, and more of the series' rightly acclaimed set-piece bosses. New features include selectable routes for the first time (the player can now utilise 'warp-booths' to jump between different branching routes through the game), and an all-new Super Vehicle Metal Slug Attack which allows you to ram any vehicle you control full-tilt into the enemy for extra carnage.. sounds like a hoot! New weapons include 'creeping' missiles that crawl overland in search of the enemy, bouncing bullets, and a portable thunder-cloud weapon that rains lightning down on the bad guys!. Not to mention the new vehicles including the Mariner-Slug sub, Elephant-Slug, and the spoof-manga Morden mobile Armour-Mech-suit! All of which should hopefully add up to the greatest Metal Slug yet! Dreamcast owners should also keep their extremities crossed in the face
of rumours of a DC version.. yes please! I'll keep you posted..

(ABOVE) Desert stage complete with giant whelks (?) and (Right) even nastier
looking giant crabs in a deserted base of some sort.

(ABOVE) The return of the boats from Metal Slug 1 (Right) The all-new underwater
levels where you don scuba-gear and enter enemy waters..

(ABOVE) Here's one of the new vehicles you can commandeer - the
'Slug Mariner' (TM) Minisub! Eek! Look at the size of this moray eel boss..
love the collar round his neck.. must be someone's pet.. (Right) Ad for
Metal Slug 3 -
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Metal Slug




Morden Armour Suit

Elephant-Slug (!)


(ABOVE) An array of marvellous vehicles to be found in Metal Slug 3,
with some old favourites and some brand spanking new ones!

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