Butterfly Pictures was chosen as the name of my web space to try and reflect the fact that landscape pictures for me are as difficult as trying to photograph a butterfly on the wing.

About Chris Waller

I am 54 yrs old, with a career as a civil engineer/photographer.

My photograpic career was as a result of my love of the subject that grew to be a full time occupation, landscape work was always the one subject I found most satisfying. I live in the Snowdonia National Park with my wife Helen who runs a cottage style Bed & Breakfast

My philosophy is where possible to exclude man made objects in my imagery as I find them a distraction and most of my work is done using the firsy rays of the sun in the morning or after storms as I find this the best light. My criteria for selection of my shots is that the image must move me emotionally.

Limited Edition signed and numbered copies of my work , hand printed using Cibachrome materials for the ultimate in presentation quality and permanence are available for sale

Commercial enquiries are welcomed . Please e-mail me for further details bflypic@globalnet.co.uk

I see my web site as perhaps the basis of a landscape photograph library in which possibly other landscape photographers who are as excited as I am by the potential of the internet may wish to become involved. Please e-mail me for further details bflypic@globalnet.co.uk