Welcome to the website of What Now Ltd.

We are a UK based team experienced in training and facilitation, and specialising in unique approaches to exploring group behaviour, team building, management development, personal growth and human resource development.

Because we recognise that every group of people is different and that every member of that group is also an individual, we feel that events must be specifically tailored for each group, targeting agreed areas identified during our

pre-course discussions.

Our wide range of course concepts, ideas and levels, highlighted in these pages will :-

  • Give your individuals, team and/or management opportunities to examine the impact of their behaviours within a group.


  • Highlight important issues involving e.g. communications, leadership, motivation and  decision making.

Our courses follow an experiential learning style which allows individuals to actively participate and become involved in the events in order for them to experience success in achieving genuine and credible challenges. 

Here is a great opportunity for your group to have an enjoyable event  and also experience a sense of  meaningful development and achievement !!


















































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