We have designed an original, enjoyable and challenging developmental concept event called

'Journey to One'

Survey and achieve your own unique group path - - experience a challenging journey that inherently blends experiential management development with the enjoyment and benefits of a team event !! .

  • You decide between a 1 or 2 day discovery trail group challenge.
  • The journey uses experiential learning and participative management training facilitation principles within an integrated event theme.
  • There is a progressive trail mixing indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Designed for low to medium levels of physical activity. Including walking routes (up to ordinary fell walking standard), problem solving exercises, mapping challenges, some timed activities, indoor (or base) sessions and reviews.
  • You will determine your progress by managing a challenge that is tailored to you!
  • Here is an opportunity to explore group and management issues, with an emphasis on individual and team communications.
  • Discover your team and/or management values.
  • What will be the outcome of your journey?
















If you are interested in this team building event, want more information or a costed option please e-mail us, including your address, at :-