All the courses at WHAT NOW are presented by experienced facilitators who take an active role in events, working alongside the course members. This allows the facilitators to be fully involved with all that is happening on the course.

Involvement and participation are key elements of our courses and no pre-judged outcomes are prescribed or expected.

All our courses are tailored for each individual customer. This applies to both:

  • The content  - can be delivered as designed or targeted towards agreed areas following discussions with the customer and the individuals who will be attending; and,
  • The location  - again, the location can be anywhere that is agreed, be it in various hotels with appropriate settings or other accommodation (e.g. bunkhouse)

We also cater for more
general events. Perhaps less specific yet still stimulating and enjoyable as a reward for individuals, managers, groups or teams that have recently reorganised and are simply looking for a few days to get to know each other!

For a brochure or further information please  e-mail us, including your address, at:-