Coghurst Estate And Woods



On Thursday 4th May 2006 I was flown around Hastings in a light aircraft and managed to take a few pictures of the Coghurst area, it was a hazy day and there was a perspex window, but they show the changes that have and are taking place to that area, especially at The Ridge end

In this picture, click on it to enlarge, you can see the fire station with it's tower on The Ridge to the lower left, Coghurst Arch was between that and the building with red on it's side, the Drive ran through the woods to the right across the area that is now being built on and through the industrial site.
The caravan park has it's entrance in Rock Lane.

This picture is to the right of the previous one, you can see part of the Rock Lane estate in the foreground and more of the caravan park, you can also see part of Coghurst to the right of the industrial units.

This picture shows the track in the woods used by the bikers, once farmland it is now unused except by them. The Drive is at the top of the track, the line of trees running to the right across the picture.

The railway and Ore Tunnel can be seen in this picture, and to the right a small caravan site in Ivy House Lane, there is a public footpath through that.
The Iron Bridge is just out of the bottom of the picture.

Coghurst Hall Holiday Village from the air, you can see the lake in this picture and if you look very carefully the stone bridge, at the left of the lake, that carried Coghurst Drive over the water.

This is from the Ivy House Lane direction looking towards the lake, Coghurst Hall is this side of the lake, to the left side of it.
There is a link to the Coghurst Hall Holiday Village site above under "Outside Links".