Welcome to the Spirit Zone, the home pages of Spiritualist Mediums John Brett and Bryan Gibson.

Our aim is to provide general information about Spiritualism, mediumship, healing, and related subjects; plus easy access to points of contact and related sites for all interested parties, so if you have any suggestions let us know.

John Brett is a Medium, Psychic Artist, Spiritual Teacher, & a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Bryan Gibson is a Medium & Author of 4 best selling books on Spiritualism & Mediumship.

LATEST NEWS: Bryan's last book 'Is There Anybody There?' updated and re-printed - AVAILABLE NOW directly from Bryan Gibson (email and you will be given PayPal details). The book costs 8.50 plus 3 p&p in the UK.

The book is also available from Amazon.

Please stay for a while and have a look around, you will find information here about us and our work, also about some of our colleagues.

We travel a lot with our work, around the UK and internationally, giving demonstrations, private sittings and teaching, so check out our Diary Dates section to see where we'll be. Or you might like to take a look through the articles, written by us and some of our friends.


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