© John Brett / Empower Yourself 2011 Exploring Trance & Altered States Mediumship 3 day intensive course Have you ever wanted to really explore Trance and all its aspects? Do you want to understand in more depth just what Trance is and whether you have the potential not just to do it, but to do it well? Have you ever been aware as you are working with Spirit that there is a closer bond developing around you but not had the people or the confidence that you needed to explore it further? Are you actively developing your own Trance Mediumship and in need of some guidance to deepen your attunement? Would you like to explore Trance Healing and the different uses for Trance Speaking—Philosophy & Evidential Mediumship? Then this is the course you need to help you take the next step. Expand your knowledge of trance in all its forms on this weekend, from light  overshadowing through to deep trance, trance healing and inspirational guided  speaking. We will not just have you sitting in circle waiting, we will use experimental group  sessions, and explore and experiment with the conditions and requirements for all  levels of trance mediumship, including the opportunity to sit in a cabinet and feel and  work with the energies created.  This weekend will have a small working group and will be centred around your needs  so that you get plenty of opportunities not just to sit for your own development, but to  participate in the development of other people by collectively sharing experiences, and  problem solving.  Places on this course are very limited so that students can get the best out of the  weekend—you must book early to secure your place.  Empower Yourself Therapy & Training logo 4 day Trance Workshop Date: 23rd - 25th March 2012 Time: 10.00am to 5.30pm Venue: North Scarle, Lincoln 3 prices packages available: Option A: all 3 days - £125.00 Option B: 2 days - £85.00 Limited places ~ Deposit required BOOK NOW - Downloadable Booking Form Cost includes light refreshments Address of venue will be confirmed with booking Course Details: