Operation Buzz Bomb

Operation Buzz Bomb picStory:

It's 1942. You just found out that General Burlin Loach stole blue prints from the USA, and is preparing to create a Bomb which can destroy all of South and North America. Burlin is calling this OPERATION BUZZ BOMB. Your mission is to go to Brumard Castle and eliminate Burlin Loach before Hitler recovers the blue prints. Good Luck.

Source code changes:

This total conversion doesn't need the registered set. Just unzip it in a new folder, and it's ready to play.

If you are wondering why it's only 1 to 10 levels, it's because this is my first add-on, and I want to see how it will do first. Also, another add-on is in progress. It's called Wolfenstein 2000.

Luke Straumann.


Download Operation Buzz Bomb here.


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