To start the game, run either WCheat.bat (for Wolfenstein 3D 1.1 or 1.4) or SCheat.bat (for Spear Of Destiny). For Wolfenstein 3D 1.0 run WCheat10.bat.

Also available is Start.exe, made by Davy Key, for the cheat/debugmode for Wolfenstein 3D, Spear, Blake Stone etc. I've tried it for both the full and shareware versions of Wolf 3D, (also the Spear demo) and it works fine. If you want to ask Davy about it, here's his email davykey@hotmail.com.

If you have Windows 95 or 98, simply put the file in the same folder as all the other game files, and click on its dosbox.

Once in the game, press left-shift/alt/backspace keys together. (press control/tab/enter keys for version 1.0). A sign Debugging keys now available will be displayed. Press enter to remove this and the following key combinations should work:

TAB plus


- Change border colour


- Display statistics


- End current level


- God Mode


- Reduce health


- Extra stuff


- Display memory usage


- White border colour


- Instant quit


- Slow motion


- Warp to any level

Also, the following key combinations work without initializing the debugging feature:

B A T - restore sound

I L M - full health/ammo, plus 2 keys (also resets your score to zero)

TAB G f10 - god mode (Spear only)


Windows 98

I used to get a lot of emails about running Wolf 3D on this platform. It usually works (it does for me), and will play the music and sounds ok. If there are problems, the game can be run from the DOS prompt, or by using DOSBox (see next section).



The game does usually run on these platforms though the music and many of the sounds will not be heard. For Windows XP, there's a free emulator called VDMSound. However, this doesn't work with Windows ME.

I find the easiest way to play (and get the music and sounds) on Windows ME is to use an emulator called DOS Box. It's free, and the file to download is 'DOSBox0.72Win32-Installer'. A full list of instructions is given in the readme but I've listed the basic instructions below.



VDMSound mentioned above does not work with Vista. The game will only run in DOS Box. It's free, and the file to download is 'DOSBox0.72Win32-Installer'. A full list of instructions is given in the readme but I've listed the basic instructions below.


DOSBox Quick Instructions

Once installed, make a shortcut to the DOSBox exe and place the icon on the desktop. Drag the Wolf3D exe on to the shortcut icon on the desktop and the game should run automatically.

Some commands I find useful are:

ALT-ENTER Go full screen and back

Ctrl-f5 Save a screenshot

Ctrl-f10 Capture/Release Mouse

Ctrl-f11 Slow down emulation

Ctrl-f12 Speed up emulation

There's a full list of commands in the readme.


DOSBox Basic Instructions

Once installed and run, you will get a DOS window as shown below:

At the prompt Z:\> type in MOUNT C C:\WOLF3D (press ENTER) Replace WOLF3D with whatever name the folder to play is called.

You should then see Drive C is mounted as local directory C:\WOLF3D\

The line shown below will return:


At the prompt Z:\> type in C: (press ENTER) This changes the Z drive to C drive.

You will then see the following line:


At the prompt C:\> type in WOLF3D (press ENTER) Replace WOLF3D with whatever name the mod exe is called.

The game should then play.


Some commands I find useful are:

ALT-ENTER Go full screen and back

Ctrl-f5 Save a screenshot

Ctrl-f10 Capture/Release Mouse

Ctrl-f11 Slow down emulation

Ctrl-f12 Speed up emulation

There's a full list of commands in the readme.


Castle Wolfenstein

Back in the early 80's, Apple released Castle Wolfenstein, and Return To Castle Wolfenstein. Though they looked pretty basic by todays standards, at the time they were regarded as quite advanced. Also available here are Castle Smurfenstein, and Dino-Smurf. You'll need this Apple emulator to run any of these titles. There are more titles at ftp.apple.asimov.net.


Acorn Oddities

Visitors to my site occasionally ask about differences between the Acorn/Archimedes version of the game compared to that of the PC. Well, the graphics are the same, though with better resolution.

However, there are a few subtle changes:

1. Toast an SS and you get 8 bullets (only 4 on the PC).

2. Deaf-guard floor values put in front of a door (which makes the door disappear on the PC), simply appear and act as a normal door on Acorn.

3. All elevators work on Acorn (elevator 2's don't work on the PC).

4. The ILM keys cheat on the PC gives you full health etc, but puts your score back to zero. A similar cheat on Acorn (ALT-X keys) lets you keep your score too.

5. The Acorn version doesn't give you the silent treatment, as sometimes happens on a PC after toasting a 'Fake Hitler'. Incidentally, you can restore the sound on a PC by pressing the BAT keys together.

6. Not all add-ons will play well on Acorn. Levels with a lot of floor data can have part of the area corrupted, resulting in blocked off passages, rooms etc. This is because any changes in editing are added to the original data in Gamemaps, instead of replacing it. Sometimes, there's just too much data for the Acorn convertor program to handle!

That's all. If anyone's interested in Acorn computers, there's a whole section devoted to them. And there are links to a number of Acorn related sites. Acorn Computers


Creating New Levels

There are well over one hundred additional sets of levels available for Wolfenstein 3-D and Spear of Destiny. Along with new graphics, and more recently - changes to the source code, they have helped maintain interest in the game.

For anyone wanting to try making new levels, MapEdit 7.2 is probably the best editor. It will work with any version of the game. Simply put it into the same folder as a copy of the game files, unzip it, and then run Mapedit.exe.

There's a helpful hint file available called WolfTips, plus lengthy level design tutorials on Poet's Wolfenstein Page and <DieHard Wolfenstein Bunker>.

I will answer any questions regarding level editing, by email at brian@brlowe.globalnet.co.uk.

Send me E-mail!



Alexei A. Frounze Homepage Lots of oddities to download here, including a 3D engine and Lab3D demo.

Screenshot from the Lab3D demo


Beire's Home Page General page, in the Dutch language, made by a fan of Wolfenstein 3D.

Brandon's Source Code Help Center Hints, tips and downloads. In fact, everything you need for editing the Wolfenstein 3D source code.

The Complete Wolfenstein 3D Strategy Guide Complete level walkthroughs for all levels, information for virtually everything in the game, and plenty more. Made by The Master.  

Doom Screenshots Six screenshots from Ultimate Doom.

The Final Solution (v3.0) Source Code Released by Parafriction for general use. Please remember to mention it in the credits if you use it.  

Ken Silverman's Official Home Page Many interesting downloads here, including the full version of Ken's Labyrinth.

MegaDemo Utilizes FLOedit. Shows new sprites, walls, enemies and sounds etc.

A Pacman replacement, made using FLOedit.

Midi Files

Patch-O-Matic For anyone new to the Wolf scene, and has Windows, this download offers an ideal way to get 6 of the best S/ware sets in one ZIP. You get the original game included too, and it's menu driven. The sets are Halloween, Alien Wolf, Pacman/Demon Clowns, Xmas Wolf, Lost Episodes and Barneystein. Check out Mike's Wolfenstein 3-D Page.

Planet Romero John Romero's page. Has some Wolf 3D related news.

Scarystein Desktop Theme Includes a screenshot from the add-on Scarystein. By JJ.

Screensaver (Wolf 3D) Just what it says.

Screensavers Has a large range of screensavers to download. On page 2, you'll find Hans Grosse.

Simon's Emulator Page Has a wide range of emulator's available, including Acorn/Archimedes and Atari.

Spear Desktop Theme There are several available for Wolf3D but this is the first 'desktop theme' I've seen for the sequel (or more correctly - prequel), and it looks pretty good. By Kuki.

Spear Maps Includes all 21 original levels, plus the complete Lost Episodes sets.

Wav Files

Wolf3D - Frequently Asked Questions Lengthy information file on Wolfenstein 3-D. Answered by Adam Williamson. This is the 1998 revised version.

Wolf3DFix A utility which may help those who have problems running Wolfenstein 3D with Windows. Please read the instructions in the text file before using it. Brandon's site is at Brandon's Wolfenstein 3-D Page.

Wolf-Extra/Wolf-Extra II Hint Manuals Includes level maps and accompanying text for these add-ons.

WolfChat Conference log of the Wolfenstein 3D chat with ID Software from the ROTUNDA on 6/14/92.

Wolfenstein 3-D Desktop Theme Various icons and wav files, plus the title screen.

Wolfenstein 3-D Source Code Just what it says.

WolfMaps Maps for the first 10 levels of Wolfenstein 3D in GIF form.

WolfMaps Download maps for all 60 levels of Wolfenstein 3D in GIF form.

WolfMenu and DOSMenu Two DOS patch swapper programs from Andy Nonymous that some wolfers with large collections might find useful: WolfMenu and DOSMenu. Fully configurable by the user, they have a search feature, and each supports up to 600 entries. Both programs come with several practical examples and plenty of documentation.

Wolftips Tips for creating/editing Wolfenstein 3D floor designs.




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