FloEdit is the ONLY available tool that gives you the following functionality:


- Edit, ADD and REMOVE maps form the game

- Edit and ADD images (like title screen, BJ-Face on the statusbar, statusbar font,


- Edit and ADD walls and sprites (no engine recompilation required to add walls,

and NO SIZE LIMIT like in old DOS-tools for sprites)

- Edit and ADD digitized sound without size limits (max. 64K per sound, but that's a

limit of the wolf-engine)

- Edit mapdata definition table while editing (all from within the editor, unlimited

projects supported)

- Test your game while still editing it!

- Print maps

- Save maps as BMP-files

- Import MAPEDIT *.FLR-files

- Export as many levels as you like to a single *.LVL-file

- Unlimited undo/redo for map editing

- Cut&Paste

- Multi-clipboard support: Copy as many object as you like to the clipboard

and browse them visually!

- Detailed help file explaining how to add the new objects to the engine

- "Creating good maps" tutorial



FloEdit system requirements:


- 800x600 or better display (640x480 is not enough)

- 16 MB RAM (64 MB recommended)

- Pentium 60 or better processor

- DirectX 5 or better installed on target system (DirectX runtime files are NOT

included in the FloEdit installer)


Download FloEdit here.

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