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News Update: July 28, 2002 


I have a new section on my main site called 'The Dumbsmack'. Please visit it. It is pretty much just my friends (and, every once in a while, me) doing stupid crap. If you have any ideas for us to do, please email me at or e-mail the Dumbsmackers at

By the way, Castle of Doom is almost finished. Give me some time to send it to Brian over here, and you will get a lot of castle and doom.

Sam Feichter


The Nuremburg Projects

This very difficult set was put together in 24 hours. The 60 levels were made using the creator program and there are a number of imported graphics and a new title screen (shown below). There are many bosses on every level though there's a lot of ammo/health too. You can download it here.

Doom And Wolf

"Ok, let's get right down to the point.

I am done with a new project, The Castle of Doom (Nothing to do with the Doom series), but, I am NOT releasing it until the 2nd episode of Gorenstein 2 is completed. The 2nd episode, The SS Headquarters, will be a step up in difficulty. Therefore, it goes up, until finally, the final episode, in the hardest adventure in Gorenstein 2, Castle Gorenstein.



(Also, after Gorenstein 2, episode 2 is done, I will be going back to DooM for a couple months, then back to wolf for Episode 3. This sounds too much like Star Wars.)".

June 22, 2002

"Hey all! Sam again. I have the new title screen done. I like it a lot. Also, I am redoing a lot of GFX. New Josef Hitler planned. Awesome GFX. Episode 2 upgrade starting.

That is all.


June 20, 2002

"Alrighty here's the news: Gorenstein 2 has been started up again. The Klobb is being replaced by the Moonraker Laser Omega. So, the weapon list is: Knife, 9mm rifle, Moonraker Laser Beta, Moonraker Laser Omega. Working on stuff right now. That is all.



June 14, 2002


Gore 2 will have no new source, although I will keep it so you can play it without Wolf. And, when the source is finished, then Gore 2 Special Edition will be released. Also, go to my site to see my new comix and the first official FWWA (Fort Wayne Wrestling Association) site! The new comix and FWWA is on Sam Feichter's Site.



August 15, 2001

News Update!!


Hey all!

I have some good news!

I now have my own website!


Although I will be posting my add-ons there first, I will be sending them to this site as well, as I get them finished. (come on James, hurry up....)

But, in my news, Heil Hitler! is being edited right now. Episode 1 will be completed soon. Gorenstein 2 is being held back until my source code is finished. (James....)


Visit my site at:


Sam's Site

Until next time...



Gorenstein 2: Attack of Josef Hitler

version 1.0 (Five level beta) now available


LATEST UPDATE!! Gorenstein 2 is going under some stuff for BETA 2. Still a 5 level demo, it will have a complete episode of the 6 done in about 2 weeks (which is when James Ingham is done with the source code he is doing for me).

I have put in the graphics for a missile launcher, and James is doing the source code changes for it, since whenever I mess with it, I accidentily screw it up, or delete the whole damn folder!

Well, anyway, there is a lot of cool new things in my two current games:



Hall of the Nazis



Gorenstein 2


here are some pics:

Click here for the latest Gorenstein 2 download. contains more than 30 actor pics converted from Doom. Instructions are included. You can get it here.

For my other games go here.


May 20, 2001

Here are some more updates on Gorenstein 2 1.0 (Beta):


PP7 turned into blue "9mm" rifle from SoD Lost Missions

5 levels done

Scientists done

Officer turned into mutant, since mutant turned into scinetists

B.J. now runs with a blue "9mm" rifle!

Chaingun S.S. added

Going to be stand-alone (but no source code changes, since I can't get C++ to compile it right.)

Going from 3 episodes to 6 episodes


Episode Names

The episode names for Gorenstein 2 are:

1. Castle Totenburgh

2. The Underground Bunker

3. Castle Nachthelder

4. Luxembourg Towers (Are those in Germany?)

5. Berlin Laboratories

6. Return to Castle Gorenstein


Check out this title screen for a new Shareware game, Wolfenstein Sam Style!



Also, two more games in the making:



Weapons: Magnum, Quieter .15 Mag Gun, Gatling Gun

Guys: Cowboy Nazis!



After the mission code-named Astrostein, you found that another portal, this time in your own home country, U.S., is being used by Nazi spies!


But, they aren't going into the future, since they now know that you destroyed their leader, they are going 100 years into the past!


They are going to the old West, and their cowboy weapons have a little meeting with you....



Halls of the Nazis

(A.K.A., Operation: Nuremburg)

Weapons: Not yet known

Enemies: Famous nazis from WolfenDooM scenarios (by Laz Rojas, not AReyPy{or whatever it's spelled}), SoD Lost Missions, Doom demons (Demon, imp)



During the battles in Britain, the Nazis were building a new castle where the old Castle Nuremburg sat. It was Coridors uf der Nazis, roughly translated to Halls of the Nazis.

(Sorry, the only REAL German words there are Nazis and der)

They are planning a new attack, called Operation: Nuremburg. After some Allied spies were sent in, they broadcasted a few short messages before they died. THe plan was to make creatures tHAT were blood-thirsty and strong. They found that they never had to make them, since a hole in the basement led to a mystic dimension....with fire.....and demons......


As they were going into that hole, this broadcast was made:


"Hey, B.J.! We are descending into this hole thingy! Roger!"

"I read you Fred! What's in it?"

"Holy sh*t! There are ugly, monster things!"

"Have you been smoking a little too much reefer?"

"No man! And nazis are here too!"

"Oh F*CK!"

"What Fred?"

(Screaming, growling, bones breaking, various German profanities)

(More German profanities)

(And finally, silence)


"Fred? Do you read me?"

(An unholy voice)

"Fred is dead, B.J., and you will be soon!"

(End of broadcast)


You, B.J. Blazcowicz, were sent in. You came in a Panzer. No one knows why, because the missile launcher on it was broken.

You go into the castle.

Then, from the end corridor, you here German voices.

From another, animal-like growls and obnoxious chewing.


They know you are here......


You can't go back now.....



News update: 5/19/01

Heya, everyone. Here's news on Gorenstein 2 v1.0 BETA 1...

These are the features so far:

That's it!!



News update: 4/19/01

A bad thing happened on Saturday. My computer crashed. That means that Gorenstein II is postponed. Anyone who wants to help with levels and GFX and sounds, PLEASE DO!

Well, at least Project Verdammt isn't gone, since it's on Mike Ingham's computer. (Did you know that I was helping?) Gorenstein will NOT be cancelled though. I might be set back a little. (Ok! Maybe a lot!)


For you Doom II owners out there, have you played Goldeneye Doom II? Regardless if you have or have not, download the EDGE version! The difference is more weapons (DK5, AR33, Dostovei, PP7(unsilenced)). GET IT AT DOOM WAD STATION!!!


Bye all,




News Update: March 28, 2001

Hey, here's more news! First off, I have a new email address at Sam Feichter E-mail!.

Gorenstein 2 will have new weapons. One isn't finished, but 2 are. The new blue pistol is from Spear of Destiny Lost Missions. The new machine gun replacement, an Uzi, is basically looks the same as a normal pistol in Wolf 3-D, except it's one handed, and there is a clip that moves at the bottom. Expect this set in 1 to 2 months.

I'm planning to have my own Gorenstein homepage soon, which will be linked to this one. As well as my Wolfenstein 3D sets, it will also feature some Doom TC's.

That's all,



News Update: February 18, 2001

Hey! I got a new computer! Gorenstein 2 is being updated. I will also be making new Wolf 3-D games soon.


Hey, if you need Wolf 3-D games, you can get them at idsoftware

That is all!



News Update: August 20, 2000

I have announced my triumphant return to the Wonderful World of Wolfenstein!!!!!

Now, I am working on levels for a new game, Gorenstein 2: Escape From Dr. Shmuck! This is the REAL Gorenstein 2. The other one is lost, because my Spear of Destiny game erased itself! If someone would like to pickup the project and rename it Gorenstein 3, I would appreciate it. In this one, it's 2 episodes long!!

Here is a list of my new stuff:

Seeya on the Cutting Room Floor!

Sam Feichter




News Update: November 24, 1999.

Hey! Sorry I've been distant, but, I've been having computer trouble. I'm currently making a new game, Freddystein: A Nightmare In Castle Wolfenstein! It will be released in two people's view, B.J.'s (hero, will have 20 levels) and Freddy's (!) (10 levels). Here's the story:

In a boiler room, B.J. Blazcowicz (we last left him in Castle Gorenstein fighting Hitler in a gory showdown!) was running from a madman with a burnt face, weird hat, and a red and green striped shirt (Oh yeah, I forgot the finger-knives). (Remember, this is the late 1940's; in other words, they HAVEN'T heard of Fred Krueger!) As he was about to get cut by the knives, he suddenly...WOKE UP! He was sweating and screaming before he noticed his best friend, Joe, was dead! He got out of the jail cell (remember, he's in a Nazi prison!), figuring the guards did it, but everybody was dead, except for Hitler, who ran out screaming! He then remembered a jump rope song from when he was a kid, going:

1, 2, Freddy's comin' for you, 3, 4, better lock your door, 5, 6, grab yer crucifix....

That gave him the hint that Fred Krueger was doing the murders! And B.J. was next on his hit-list! So, B.J. took a guard's pistol, and starting counting sheep, going into Castle Freddystein!



The Games

Super Gorenstein 3-D

Ten new levels for Wolfenstein 3D. (Replaces episode three of the registered set).

Screenshot from the opening level.


The Story:

When you killed Hitler, instead of blood, you saw PLENTY of robotics in there. Hitler has set up a robot, and put him in his bunker. Damn!

In the spy reports, there were rumors of a cloning device and plenty of cloned armies and generals.

Your mission:

To kill the vast armies of Nazis, kill the cloned Grosse siblings, and kill the REAL Hitler.

Is this the end?

Good luck!!!!!

I'm back!


For the download, click here


Technostein SSD

Some new graphics for the Wolfenstein 3D registered set. See the enclosed text file in the ZIP for further details. New levels will come later. Meanwhile, here's a screenshot.

 The new column.


Download Technostein SSD here.


Hodge Podge 3D/The Warp

Graphics Conversion

Opening scene from episode four.


New levels coming.

Download Hodge Podge 3D here.


Gorenstein II: The Gore Spear

New graphics for the original registered Spear set.


Screenshot from the first level.


Levels coming by late December.

Download it here.


Future Gorenstein

3 level demo (to be played with the registered Wolf3D set).

Screenshot from the opening level.


This set is currently unavailable due to modifications.




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