WolfBEL/Information Page


System Requirements

As for the original Wolfenstein-3D 60 level game. For PC and Acorn/Archimedes users. Users must have the original 60 level set to be able to play this set.

Why 2 files?

WolfBEL.ZIP is primarily for Acorn/Archimedes machines. This ZIP contains an extra file called VSWAP.WL6. Acorn users do not have this file on their original 60 level game, but need it to play the new levels.

WlfBELpc.ZIP is for PC users. This ZIP contains the same files as WolfBEL.ZIP, apart from the VSWAP file. It's a lot smaller which obviously reduces the download time.

Information files

WolfBEL.TXT is a straight text file suitable for both Acorn and PC users.

WolfBEL.DOC contains the same information but is suitable only for PC users with Word.