The Seven Conditions That Are Key

by grailknight2001


The sequel to the Ravenscroft only, "Spear of Destiny," (the Spear of Destiny, also known as the Spear of Longinus, is allegedly the spear that pierced the side of Christ as he was on the Cross. Because of its important part in the fulfilling of prophecy it has a good nature. However, because it inflicted pain on our Saviour it also has an evil nature), and the most popular of all recent books on Grail Christianity lists the Seven Conditions that all Grail Knights must seek as the Key to the Revelation of their personal destinies:

1) Advancement of Spiritual and Bodily Health (In terms of Bodily Health, Grail Knights should maintain a balanced diet, fasting occasionally unless it is unhealthy, and training in Tai Chi, which is an internal art of Kung Fu and other means), in terms of Spiritual Health the Grail Knight will be instructed concerning reading and the performance of selfless deeds.

2) The second condition is that the Grail Knight should begin to feel the positive connection between himself and the whole of all living things.

3) The third condition is that the Grail Knight realize that his or her thoughts are as important as their actions, i.e., that it is as harmful to hate as to attack.

4) The fourth condition requires that the Grail Knight realize that the real nature of man lies within, that we are not wholly products of the world at large.

5) The fifth condition is steadfastness in carrying out their resolutions, prior to this point the Grail Knight cannot be said to be truly on their Quest.

6) The sixth condition is to develop and feel deep gratitude for one's own existence and all those things that make life worth living, and finally...

7) the Seventh is perhaps the hardest in that it requires that we, as Grail Knights, regard life unceasingly in the manner demanded by all these conditions, giving his life and actions a coherence, purpose and strength that gives greater effect to their actions and thoughts than can be found in ordinary people who act on a variety of needs, wants, irritations, fears, hates, loves, etc., that may make their thoughts, actions, etc. to act as cross purposes to their own and mankind's own deepest interests.


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