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04/01/00 Spacestein updated. (registered)

04/15/00 RDK Software link added. (links)

04/16/00 Wolf3-D Headquarters link added. (links)

04/16/00 Sodblast2 posted. (Spear)

04/16/00 Guystein2 link added. (registered)

04/16/00 Wolfnode link added. (links)

04/16/00 WolfUS11 posted. (shareware)

04/18/00 Western Wall 1 posted. (registered)

04/21/00 Grossed Out posted. (shareware)

04/21/00 John Bucksnort Wolf 3D Page link added. (links)

04/23/00 Wolf3D Mansion new banner posted. (banners)

04/24/00 Enigma's Nitemare posted as 3 separate sets. (shareware)

04/27/00 Grossed Out self-extracting version posted. (registered)

04/28/00 Wolfenstein Domain link changed. (links/banners)

04/28/00 Wolfenstein Plus link deleted. No longer working (links)

04/28/00 Project Esiam posted. (registered)

04/29/00 ROTT page posted/link added. (main/rott)

05/01/00 The Wolfenstein Page Of Death link added. (links)

05/06/00 Adams/Bergstein posted. (registered)

05/06/00 SR's Wolf3 posted. (registered)

05/07/00 Gottspear posted. (registered)

05/07/00 Levels and links sections (frames version) put in separate pages. (main/registered/shareware/links)

05/09/00 Emperorlord Wolfpage link added. (links/banners)

05/09/00 Tankstein posted. (registered)

05/10/00 RDK Software banner/link added. (banners)

05/11/00 The Bunker posted. (Spear)

05/12/00 No Place To Hide original version posted at the request of the creator Tim Vesper. (shareware)

05/12/00 Assault On Auchfitz link added. (shareware)

05/18/00 Joystick Interviews (Carmack/Romero) links deleted. No longer working. (links)

05/20/00 Redefining John Romero link deleted. No longer working. (links)

05/20/00 KFNetworks link added. Kurt's new site. (links/banners)

05/25/00 Adolf Hitler's Revenge posted. (registered)

05/27/00 Tragedy At Istanbul posted. (Spear)

05/27/00 SR-BOB posted. (registered)

05/27/00 Astro Core/Dead Animals Smell Bad links deleted. No longer working. (links)

05/28/00 Operation Knightwolf updated. (registered)

05/28/00 The Road To Neuschwanstein link added. (registered)

05/28/00 Panzerschiff posted. Original download link no longer working. (registered)

05/28/00 Barry Christian's Levels Page links updated. (links/banners)

05/31/00 Ultimate First Person Shooter link added. (links/banners)

06/02/00 Cool Wolf updated. (registered)

06/02/00 Funpack posted. (shareware)

06/03/00 The Death Key posted. (Spear)

06/03/00 Wolf3D Guide link added. (extras)

06/03/00 Return Of Doctor Schabbs link added. (registered)

06/05/00 Wolfenstein Reviewed link added. (links/banners)

06/07/00 SR's Wolf4 posted. (registered)

06/10/00 GuyStone link added. (Blake)

06/10/00 Dungeons Of Death posted. (shareware)

06/11/00 Ultimate Wolf 3D Site link added. (banners)

06/11/00 Run Gun 3 posted. (shareware)

06/11/00 Death Maps For Wolf 3-D posted. (shareware)

06/13/00 Death Castle posted. (Spear)

06/13/00 Cool Wolf updated (again). (registered)

06/16/00 Evil In Iron posted. (registered)

06/17/00 Nazi Alert posted. (registered)

06/23/00 A Wolfenstein Travelogue link added. (links)

06/23/00 The Bunker Files posted. (Spear)

06/26/00 John Bucksnort's Wolf 3D Page link added. (banners)

06/27/00 WolfMenu v1.2 posted. (extras)

06/30/00 KKK beta v1.0 link added. (registered)

07/02/00 Nazi Ambush posted. (registered)

07/07/00 Schabbs Connection posted. (Spear)

07/08/00 Operation Siege posted. (registered)

07/15/00 Wolfenstein Domain - mac section link amended. (mac links)

07/15/00 Bob's Girls posted. (registered)

07/16/00 WolfenMac Yahoo Club link added. (mac links)

07/16/00 Escape From SS Prison posted. (main)

07/16/00 The Wolf3D Lodge link added. (links)

07/16/00 Wolf3D Insanity link added. (links)

07/19/00 Tekkoudan (alpha) posted. (registered)

07/20/00 Escape From SS Prison (Acorn version) posted. (Acorn)

07/21/00 Footsteps To Despair posted. (Spear)

07/23/00 Assault On Hell posted. (registered)

07/30/00 WolfBel3 update posted. (main)

07/31/00 Auferstehung posted. (registered)

08/02/00 WolfenCHAT info updated. (main)

08/02/00 Return To Death Castle posted. (registered)

08/03/00 WolfGL/WolfTrap Tutorial links deleted. No longer working. (links)

08/06/00 Wolf3d Source Code Fan Club link changed and added to main page. (links/main)

08/07/00 Parafriction's Coding Home Page link added. (links)

08/07/00 A Touch Of Nazi posted. (registered)

08/10/00 The Abbey posted. (registered)

08/12/00 Return To Wolfenstein posted. (registered)

08/15/00 Wastelands - Part One posted. (Spear)

08/15/00 WolfBel3 update posted. (main)

08/18/00 WolfBel3 final update posted. (main)

08/20/00 Wolf3D Domain/Wolf3D Insanity links updated. (links)

08/20/00 Sam's Wolf 3D Page updated. (Sam)

08/20/00 Wastelands - Part Two posted. (Spear)

08/22/00 Pots N' Pans posted. (registered)

08/22/00 W3d_cc1/several other add-ons posted on Fortune City. (registered/shareware)

08/22/00 Wolf3D/SOD add-ons archive/8 other sites links deleted - no longer working (links)

08/24/00 Escape From SOD posted. (Spear)

08/26/00 The March posted. (registered)

 08/28/00 Wolfenstein 3D link added. (links/banners)

08/28/00 Spiff's Wolf 3D Empire link updated. (links/banners)

08/30/00 Journey To Evil posted. (Spear)

08/31/00 Wolf 3D World link updated. (links/banners)

09/03/00 Little Snabes Little Wolfsite link added. (links/banners)

09/05/00 Enemy Around The Corner posted. (registered)

09/07/00 Blake Stone Page several links updated/deleted. (Blake)

09/10/00 Castle Wolfenstein/Return To Castle Wolfenstein links added. (links)

09/10/00 SOD floors posted. (Spear)

09/15/00 Gates To Hell posted. (registered)

09/20/00 BWS Message Board link removed (main)

09/28/00 The Ultimate posted. (registered)

10/06/00 Wolf3D Source Code Club link removed (main)

10/06/00 Wolf3D Coding World link added (main)

10/06/00 Untitled SOD Demo posted. (Spear)

10/14/00 WolfXL posted. (registered)

10/18/00 Beyond Tobruk posted. (registered)

10/18/00 Juan's Vampyra and Wolf3D/SOD Page link added (links)

10/29/00 Wolfenstein 3D Page  link removed - no longer working. (links)

11/05/00 Death Waits/Mutantstein/Nazi's Death Valley/Wolf 3D Collection posted. (registered/Spear)

11/05/00 Poet's Wolf 3D Page  banner changed (banners)

11/11/00 Wolfendoom posted. (registered)

11/11/00 Eat At Joes link added. (registered)

11/16/00 Esplanaden Wolfenstein 3D  link added (mac links)

11/16/00 Pac World link added. (other games)

11/21/00 Broken links links updated/deleted (extras)

11/22/00 Jagdpanther's Wolfenstein Site  link added (links)

11/26/00 Wolfenstein3D by Harry Sr  link added (links)

11/26/00 Evil In Iron/Doom Graphics posted. (registered)

11/26/00 Mac links links added/updated/deleted (Mac links)

12/03/00 Altavista link updated (main)

12/04/00 Castle Wolfenstein (Apple original) section added (extras)

12/06/00 ID Software link updated (links)

12/09/00 DLA ONE/Castle Smurfenstein links added. Other links updated (links)

12/10/00 A Madman's Dream posted. (registered)

12/17/00 The Seven Conditions That Are Key feature added. Other links added (Spear)

12/25/00 Project Totengraeber II link added. (registered)

12/28/00 The Final Solution posted. (registered)

12/29/00 Operation Uberfaust posted. (mac add-ons)

12/30/00 Wolfenstein: Iron Edition posted. (registered)

12/30/00 Newmaps posted. (shareware)

01/01/01 Mutantstein 2 posted. (registered)

01/06/01 Victory Song (midi file) posted. (extras)

01/07/01 Robocop 4 Beta link added. (registered)

01/07/01 Wolf3D Lair link updated (links)

01/07/01 Basilisk II Rom posted. (utilities)

01/13/01 Putting It To The Enemy (midi files) posted. (extras)

01/13/01 Steel Cage posted. (registered)

01/13/01 Wolfendoom updated version posted. (registered)

01/13/01 Wolf3D Insanity link updated (links/banners)

01/14/01 Wolfenstein: Special Edition (beta) posted. (registered)

01/21/01 Sam's/Daniel's Wolf3D pages links added (links/banners)

01/21/01 W.O.T.H. (beta)/Westlake 1 posted. (registered)

01/21/01 Wolf Hour link added. (registered)

01/26/01 Guystone/3rd new level added link updated. (Blake Stone)

01/28/01 Wolf Hour manual link added (extras)

01/28/01 The Final Solution new version (updated level 8) posted. (registered)

02/02/01 W.O.T.H. new version (new Read Me and End Game messages/levels changes) posted. (registered)

02/03/01 Beyond Wolfenstein I, II, II (SE) deleted (due to ID Software request). (registered)

02/09/01 Westlake II/Greinholdt Covenant/Sector 27 posted. (registered)

02/11/01 W.O.T.H. 2 updated (bug fix). (registered)

02/11/01 Start.exe posted. (extras)

02/18/01 Project Auferstehung posted. (registered)

02/25/01 Daniel's Wolf3D page link updated (links/banners)

03/01/01 Ben D. Harper page link updated (links)

03/03/01 JennyStein/Totengraeber II posted. (registered)

03/03/01 All Fortune City downloads transferred to Easyspace server. (registered)

03/03/01 Die Hard Wolfers link added (main)

03/10/01 Half Way posted. (registered)

03/10/01 Barry's Wolf3D page renamed The Wolfenstein 3D Vault link updated (links)

03/16/01 Warzone I posted. (registered)

03/17/01 The Wolfenstein 3D Vault link updated (links)

03/24/01 Map n' level editing link added (main)

03/24/01 The Wolfenstein 3D Vault banner updated (banners)

03/24/01 Halloween/Lost Episodes etc posted. (shareware)

03/24/01 End Of A Superpower posted. (registered)

03/26/01 Greinholdt Covenant Parts 2 & 3 posted. (Spear)

03/27/01 WOTH II updated - levels and Read This! (registered)

03/31/01 Warzone II posted. (registered)

04/07/01 The Inner Circle posted. (Spear)

04/12/01 Mutantstein 3 posted. (registered)

04/15/01 WOTH II updated - levels (registered)

04/21/01 OPERATION: Zusammenkunft posted (registered)

04/21/01 Fortress Wolfenstein banner posted (banners)

04/21/01 Wolf3D Webring logo posted/links ameded - now working (main/links)

04/28/01 Vyperstein posted (registered)

05/01/01 James Wolf 3D Page/CHAOS Software/Vyper 3D Site links added (links)

05/04/01 The Tribute posted (registered)

05/16/01 Dungeon Cephalis posted (registered)

05/16/01 Several Wolf3D site links deleted. No longer working (links)

05/25/01 Gorenstein 2 posted (registered)

05/27/01 Wolfwall posted (s/ware)

06/01/01 Chemical Reaction posted (Spear)

06/01/01 Several Wolf3D site links added/deleted. Major update (links)

06/08/01 The Road To Despair posted (registered)

06/15/01 James' Coding Club link added (main)

06/15/01 From Schabb's Hand link added (registered)

06/24/01 Yet Another Wolf3D Club link added (main)

06/30/01 From Schabb's Hand posted (registered/acorn)

06/30/01 Cheats info updated (Acorn)

07/02/01 The New Evil posted (registered)

07/07/01 World War III posted (registered)

07/07/01 Several Wolf3D site links added/deleted (links)

07/13/01 Several Other Games links added/deleted (other games)

07/13/01 Escape ! link added (registered)  

07/26/01 The Sorcerer's Wrath posted (registered)

08/01/01 MpSodLev posted (Spear)

08/01/01 Neophyte of Wolfenstein link added (main)

08/05/01 Fearwolf posted (registered)  

08/12/01 The Road To Despair updated (registered)

08/12/01 Wolffred posted (registered)

08/12/01 John Bucksnort/James Ingham Wolfsites links updated (links/banners)

08/19/01 MH Wolf add-ons link updated (links/shareware)

08/19/01 5th/Operation: - Kill BJ/TFS 3.0beta posted (registered)

08/25/01 Operation: Scorpion posted (registered)

09/02/01 Operation Kingpin/Fredwolf/Wolf3d version 1.1 shareware/Cuetips Revenge posted (registered/shareware)

09/02/01 Tom's Wolf 3D Page link added (links/banners)

09/11/01 Wolf3D BlakeStone Duke Yahoo Club link added (main)

09/14/01 Neophytes of Wolf3D/Spear Yahoo Club link added (main)

09/16/01 The Last Floor posted (registered)

09/16/01 So You Wanna Be An Assassin posted (Spear)  

09/22/01 Mac Links majorly updated (Mac links)

10/06 /01 The Heinmakker Project/Zusammenkunft/WolfUSA posted (registered)

10/06/01 RTCW/Wolf 3D Fan Club link added (main)

10/16/01 Yahoo Fan Clubs some links added (main)

10/16/01 Links section several links updated/deleted/added (links)

10/26/01 Armageddon/The Road To Neuschwanstein posted (registered)

11/12/01 Mutantstein IV/New Wolf posted (registered)

11/17/01 The 13th Floor posted (registered)

11/21/01 Web Ferret updated (main)

11/24/01 Heil Hitler!!/Episode Four posted (registered)

11/28/01 Closer/Project: Weltuntergang posted (registered)

12/01/01 The SS Gonna Get You/Project Vertilgung posted (registered)

12/01/01 Spear Resurrection link added (registered)

12/29/01 The Dome opens. Link added (main)

01/06/02 Festung/Mission One posted (Spear)

01/13/02 Spear Resurrection posted (Spear)

01/13/02 Wolf3D Odyssey posted (s/ware)

01/14/02 Wolf3D Realm link added (links)

01/14/02 Himmler's SS posted (registered)

01/19/02 Wolf3D Chamber link removed - club deleted (main)

01/19/02 The Tower link added (registered)

01/25/02 Castle Wilhelm/Perfect Darkenstein posted (registered)

02/01/02 Sector 27 New Demo posted (registered)

02/07/02 Hitler's Maze Of Death/Wolf: SE/Rising Evil posted (registered)

02/07/02 Adolf Hitler's Revenge maps patch posted (registered)

02/14/02 Woltendo posted (s/ware)

02/19/02 Wolf3D Prison/Wolfenstein Pentagon links added (links)

02/22/02 Kill Hitler/Sector 27 (Ten level version) posted (registered)

03/02/02 Project: Weltuntergang (6 episode version)/Pineapplestein posted (registered)

03/02/02 Search For Osama posted (mac scenarios)

03/04/02 PG's Wolf3D link amended (links)

03/06/02 James Coding Club/Spear Fan Club links amended (index)

03/09/02 Spear Of Destiny "Arielus" posted (Spear)

03/17/02 Wolf3D "Arielus"/Missing In Action posted (registered)

03/24/02 Christmas Of Arielus posted (s/ware)

03/30/02 Now Or Never!!/Wolf Reborn/General's Clone posted (registered)

04/07/02 Now Or Never!! new version posted (registered)

04/07/02 PG's Wolf3D link amended (links)

04/07/02 Jack's WOLF-3D PAGE link added (links)

04/13/02 Chemical Warfare posted (registered)

04/14/02 Wolf3D Heaven And Hell link reinstated (links)

04/25/02 Countdown to Disaster/JJStein/Operation 911 posted (registered)

04/25/02 JJStein - Act II posted (s/ware)

05/12/02 JJStein - Act III posted (s/ware)

05/12/02 The Fear Of Magic/Berlin Express posted (registered)

05/12/02 MCS' Coding Tips/Blastfire Entertainment/Challenger 3D links added (links)

05/12/02 Dome Forums links updated (main)

05/18/02 Hospitalstein 3D posted (s/ware)

05/18/02 The Fear Of Magic II/Wolfbat/Haunted House Demo posted (registered)

06/04/02 Guild Of Darkness/Raw Meat/Wolfenken/Dark Dungeon I/II posted (registered)

06/04/02 Reinstaad Full Version posted (Spear)

06/22/02 Ragnarok/Final Solution (v3.0)/Hitler's Resurrection (v1.0) posted (registered)

06/22/02 Spearmpixsod posted (Spear)

06/22/02 Wolf Reborn updated (registered)

06/23/02 The Nuremburg Projects/Project Verdammt Demo posted (registered)

06/29/02 Spearmp/SodMet12 posted (Spear)

06/29/02 Zero Hour Demo/Trickstein (v1.0)/Hitler's Worst Hour posted (registered)

06/29/02 The Final Solution (v3.0) Source Code posted (extras)

06/29/02 Over The Wall: Wolfenstein link added (links)

07/01/02 Ultimate-Evil posted (Spear)

07/01/02 JJStein - Act IV (Dungeons Of Death) posted (s/ware)

07/04/02 Domination SE/Patrick Grey's Funpack posted (registered)

07/04/02 Wolf3D Club link added (main)

07/13/02 Dobaysoft's Wolf3D Level Pack/Mazestein3D/Zero Hour: Phase II (Final)/Hitler's Attack/Encounter/Counterwolf posted (registered)

07/20/02 Operation Scorpion II: The Legacy posted (registered)

07/20/02 Wolf3D Fix posted (extras)

07/20/02 Scarystein Desktop Image posted (extras)

07/21/02 Astrostein 2525 posted (registered)

07/24/02 Scarystein/Sword Of Light posted (registered)

07/24/02 Nat_W3d (2 versions)/New11 posted (s/ware)

07/28/02 Scarystein(v2.0)/The Invasion/Shadows Of Despair posted (registered)

08/02/02 Day Of The Chaingun/Save The Universe I/II posted (s/ware)

08/02/02 NewWolf For OpenGL/Rossweb Index And News posted (links)

08/04/02 GORE posted (s/ware)

08/04/02 Infiltration/Halls Of Darkness posted (registered)

08/10/02 Burgerstein posted (s/ware)

08/10/02 W-EDIT v.1.2/Mapedit(Slokav) posted (utilities)

08/18/02 Ryans Gaming Club link posted (main)

08/26/02 Operation Scorpion II: The Legacy (v1.1)/Operation MDK posted (registered)

08/31/02 Pineapplestein2 posted (registered)

08/31/02 Raid On Wolfenstein posted (s/ware)

09/02/02 The Luftwaffer II Headquarters link posted (links)

09/02/02 Castle Totenkopf posted (registered)

09/02/02 AReyeP's 'Lost' First Add-on/Prisoner 666 posted (s/ware)

09/03/02 The Sliver/Emperor Lord links deleted. No longer working (links)

09/05/02 Zombies posted (registered)

09/09/02 Zombies In LA posted (registered)

10/07/02 Mutantstein V - Gottspear posted (registered)

10/13/02 World War III: Special Edition/Redemption posted (registered)

10/13/02 Adolf's Last Stand posted (Spear)

10/19/02 The Hunt posted (registered)

10/19/02 Wolf3D Complex/Wolf3D Realm links deleted. No longer working (links)

10/24/02 Eat At Joes: Original version posted (registered)

10/26/02 The Thing posted (registered)

10/26/02 Assassination posted (s/ware)

10/31/02 Starship Troopers posted (registered)

10/31/02 Trapped/Doomsday posted (s/ware)

11/09/02 Wolfenstein 3D - In Polish/Starship Troopers links added (links)

11/11/02 addonklub link added (main)

11/19/02 Schabbs Doomsday posted (s/ware)

11/26/02 The Lost Episodes (Revisited) posted (Spear)

12/02/02 Assassinate Hitler 2 Demo posted (registered)

12/08/02 Project Eisenritter/Imprisoned (Demo) posted (registered)

12/10/02 Castle Totenkopf v1.2 posted (registered)

12/19/02 Dead World Rising/Imprisoned (Final Version) posted (registered)

12/19/02 Alexandre Brosseau's Wolf3D Site/Wolfenstein Wiecznie Zywy links added (links)

12/26/02 Halten Sie!/Project Vertilgung posted (registered)

12/26/02 Beyond Mutantstein Special Edition (A Tribute To John Bucksnort) posted (Spear)

12/26/02 Escape Castle Hollehammer... Again posted (s/ware)

01/13/03 Escape From Totenhaus posted (registered)

01/18/03 Polskie Forum Wolfenstein link added (main)

01/19/03 Schabbs 9000/Sport Woooolf posted (registered)

01/19/03 DOS Games Under XP link added (links)

01/24/03 Vampire posted (s/ware)

01/26/03 Wolfenstein Wiecznie Zywy/Wolfenstein 3D - In Polish links removed (links)

01/26/03 Wolfenstein 3D Maniac link added (links)

01/31/03 Blake Evolution posted (s/ware)

02/06/03 Wolfsite link amended (links)

02/06/03 Wolf3D Hierarchy/Ultimate Wolf3D Page links removed - no longer working (links)

02/12/03 Warzone IV: High Stakes posted (registered)

02/13/03 The Golden Episodes posted (registered)

02/16/03 Den Of Evil/Wolfen-terror posted (registered)

02/24/03 Astrostein 2525/Shadows Of Despair/Operation: MDK removed - at Wes's request (registered)

02/25/03 Alien Website/WolfenAliens links added (links)

03/06/03 JJStein:Resurrection/TRTD v0.8 posted (registered)

03/12/03 DieHard Wolfers On link added (main)

03/12/03 Project: Infiltrate/Operation: Aliens Demo posted (registered)

03/15/03 Alien Software Website link added (links)

03/15/03 WolfenAliens link removed (links)

03/17/03 Beyond The Gates Of Wolfenstein posted (registered)

03/22/03 Operation: Heimzahlung posted (registered)

03/31/03 METEO posted (registered)

04/11/03 Dome/Wolfenstein Forums link removed - no longer working (main)

04/11/03 Fraggerstein 3D/Mattewolf 3D posted (registered)

04/11/03 Dungeon Hack/NDV (Nazi's Death Valley) Demo posted (Spear)

04/18/03 BJ's Last Mission posted (registered)

04/18/03 Wolfenfrag/JJ's Wolf3D Page links added (links)

04/25/03 TRTD v1.0/Wolfenstein: Resurrection posted (registered)

04/25/03 Sod Reborn posted (Spear)

05/03/03 Hell Beneath/Wolf3D - TexTK's Story posted (registered)

05/03/03 Wolf3d Pre 1.0 version/Secret Weapons Of The Wehrmacht posted (s/ware)

05/06/03 Projekt: Vertilgung v1.3/METEO - Levels Pack posted (registered)

05/15/03 Operation: Ubermutant posted (Spear)

05/15/03 Operation: Gtyuu/Fraggerstein2 Demo posted (registered)

05/20/03 Counter-Wolf posted (registered)

06/04/03 Dawn Of The Dead: Hell On Earth posted (registered)

06/08/03 Kehlsteinhaus posted (registered)

06/08/03 The Ultimate Wolf3D & Spear Group/Sam's Anything Board links added (main)

06/09/03 Quest For The Amulet posted (Spear)

06/16/03 Secrets Of The Grauburg Dungeons posted (s/ware)

06/16/03 Operation: Gtyuu (Final Version)/Misja Jakuba Hierowskiego posted (registered)

06/18/03 TexZK's Web link added/some non-working links deleted (links)

06/28/03 Predator/Dungeon Cephalis (new version) posted (registered)

07/17/03 JLB's Wolfenstein 3D Place/The Wolf Pack/ModDB Wolf3D links added (links)

07/17/03 Wolfenstein 3D Forum link added (index)

07/17/03 Grand Theft Auto III posted (s/ware)

07/19/03 Kristallnacht/Monkeystein posted (registered)

07/22/03 Monkeystein updated (registered)

07/23/03 Wolf3D Vault link added (links)

08/03/03 Aliens vs Predators posted (s/ware)

08/03/03 The Final Fight/Weapons Of Vengeance/Counter-Wolf (Final Version) posted (registered)

08/14/03 Southern Hell posted (registered)

08/21/03 Remake/SpongeBobStein Demo/Metal Gear Solid Part One/Area 51 posted (registered)

09/02/03 Metal Gear Solid Part Two/The Final Assault posted (registered)

09/02/03 SWAT posted (Spear)

09/25/03 Batman posted (registered)

10/03/03 WallPack/WallPack2/Wallpack3 posted (utilities)

10/03/03 Acktung! posted (registered)

10/06/03 Mario's Castle/Mj's Headquarters posted (registered)

10/11/03 Assault On Castle Totenhammer (v0.3 beta)/Wolf3d - Tex ZK's Story v1.0 (Final) posted (registered)

10/15/03 The Final Battle v1.1 beta posted (s/ware)

10/15/03 Beyond Castle's Dungeons posted (registered)

11/05/03 Arctic Krieg v1.2 posted (s/ware)

11/05/03 Halls Of Stonehenge/Fuchsenstein 3D/JJStein Resurrection v2 posted (registered)

11/18/03 Operation: Castle Luftwaffe v1.2 posted (s/ware)

12/02/03 Achtung posted (registered)

12/02/03 The Dark Catacombs v1.2 posted (s/ware)

12/02/03 The DOOM Oasis/Wolf3d Pub Forums (main)

12/10/03 Dead World Rising/Beyond Castle's Dungeons (easier version) posted (registered)

12/15/03 Dark Side Of Death posted (registered)

12/15/03 The Dark Catacombs Mission Pack: Post Mortem posted (s/ware)

12/24/03 Batman: Wrath Of Mr. Freeze posted (registered)

12/24/03 The Secret Of The Waffen-SS posted (s/ware)

12/26/03 The Night After Christmas/Doomenstein Revisited posted (registered)

12/26/03 Project Waffen Sicherheitsdienst posted (Spear)

01/04/04 Project Waffen Sicherheitsdienst 2/Blake & The Spear posted (Spear)

01/04/04 Mac links (several) updated (maclinks)

01/09/04 Imf2mid/formati11 added (utils)

01/17/04 Coldfusion! posted (registered)

01/17/04 Get Goldfire/The Twilight Zone posted (Spear)

02/01/04 Map Making Mania Melee/Otto's Trial/Project: Unzerstobarer Ritter/Project: Verwustung posted (registered)

02/01/04 Project Waffen Sicherheitsdienst 3/Project Ewiger Verwustung posted (Spear)

02/16/04 Rage Against The Machine/Half Life posted (registered)

02/16/04 The Last Mission posted (s/ware)

02/16/04 Project Wüste des Todes/Spear Resurrection Master Levels posted (Spear)

02/16/04 Links Page majorly updated (links)

02/27/04 Deep Freeze posted (registered)

02/27/04 The Anticipation posted (Spear)

03/09/04 Operation 333 posted (registered)

03/09/04 The Alliance Of Powers posted (Spear)

04/04/04 BJ's Last Year/Spongebobstein/Quakenstein 3D/Danger Zone posted (registered)

04/04/04 Kill Him posted (Spear)

04/27/04 The Legacy Of Kevin Cartosa/Danger Zone 2/Sensenmann/Wolf3D: The Secret Missions - Part One/Nazis Of Funk/Dead World Rising 2 posted (registered)

04/27/04 Kill Him - Special Edition/The Fall Of Tails posted (Spear)

05/30/04 Counter-Wolf 2/Coming Of The Storm/Operation: Hundscheisse posted (registered)

05/30/04 Davestein 3D/Davestein2/Nazi Party posted (s/ware)

06/25/04 Wolf3D: The Secret Missions 2 & 3/Schabbs, An Evil Lunatic/HOS: Special Edition/Operation: Hundscheisse posted (registered)

07/07/04 Wolfrain/ZK1 - Phase One posted (registered)

08/08/04 Wolf3D: The Secret Missions 4/Assault On Castle Wolfenstein/Assault On Germany/A Time To Die/Cartosa Lives! posted (registered)

08/27/04 Weapons Of Vengeance 2 posted (registered)

08/27/04 Assault On Germany 2/Operation: Recapture posted (Spear)

08/27/04 Friedl 3D posted (s/ware)

09/02/04 Weapons Of Vengeance 3/Operation: Nacht Rose/Revenge Of Poopdeck Willie: Resurrection/Operation: Letzterschutz posted (registered)

09/02/04 Hotel Romanstein posted (s/ware)

09/24/04 Paderborn/The Untold Story posted (registered)

09/24/04 The Rise Of Hitler posted (Spear)

10/15/04 Wolf 3D In Icelandic/Operation: Eisenkrieg/Operation: Mutant Strike/The Rise Of Jason/Resident Evil posted (registered)

10/18/04 BSE24 posted (Blake)

11/13/04 Gates Of Hell/Destroyers Of Ignas posted (registered)

11/13/04 Bushenstein 3D posted (s/ware)

11/13/04 DOSBox Basic Instructions added (extras)

12/28/04 El Rastro de Stteinger/Abandon posted (registered)

12/28/04 Twilight Nazi Chaos/End Of Destiny posted (Spear)

01/18/05 A Long Walk Back/The Grail Of Eternal Life/Operation: Mutant Strike 2/Brutal Damage/Gothic Mayhem posted (registered)

02/28/05 Escape From Cypress High School/Residential Evil: Cover Operation/Random Threat/Spear Of Dreams/Project Wolfgeist/Operation Achtliebe/Red Sunrise posted (registered)

02/28/05 Dunkelburg/Revenge posted (Spear)

03/21/05 Spear Of Dreams: Special Edition posted (registered)

03/21/05 Spear Of Bullsh*t posted (Spear)

03/21/05 Mapedit 8.5/LZexe/TPpatch posted (Utils)

04/13/05 Abandon 2 - Purgatory posted (registered)

05/23/05 Major links update - approx 10 deadlinks removed - Activision/TexZK link's amended - Havoc's Wolf 3D Page/Possum Trot's Wolf 3D Hole/Wolf Source/Monster Bash 3D/Wolfing Days/Operation: God Hand/ added (links)

05/23/05 Wilwolf 3D/Invasion Of The Cartoons posted (registered)

05/23/05 Revenge 2 posted (Spear)

06/20/05 Erlangen/NSpear/Spearmpixsod links restored (Spear)

06/20/05 MegaDemo/Operation: Zusammenkunft links restored (registered)

06/20/05 Hitler Strikes Back/Double Trouble/Schabbs 3000 posted (registered)

07/20/05 Resurrection Of Heimzahlung/Operation: Todpfad/Spear Of Dreams Part 2/Bushenstein 3-D posted (registered)

08/17/05 Spear Of Dreams Part 3/The Nazi Show!/Secrets Of Offenbach posted (registered)

08/17/05 Mutant Blobs From Uranus 3D posted (s/ware)

 08/17/05 Midi collections posted/MegaDemo link changed (extras)

09/25/05 Spear Of Dreams Part 4/WolfenDoom II/Project: Toten Eisen Ritter posted (registered)

09/25/05 Spear Levels Pack posted (Spear)

10/15/05 Wolf 3D Shareware v1.2 posted (s/ware)

10/15/05 Spear Of Dreams Part 5 posted (registered)

11/09/05 Gloom posted (Spear)

11/09/05 Wolfenstein 3: The Return Of Hitler posted (registered)

12/11/05 Spear Of Dreams Part 4 Hi-Res/Trench Warfare posted (registered)

01/04/06 Base 666 posted (Spear)

01/04/06 Romanstein 2: Christmas Party posted (s/ware)

01/04/06 Nazi Operation posted (registered)

02/01/06 Kill Him 2 posted (Spear)

02/01/06 Hotel Romanstein 3: Dissolution Of Romance Nazi/Hotel Romanstein 4: Manga Quest posted (s/ware)

02/01/06 Spear Of Dreams Part 3 Hi-Res posted (registered)

02/15/06 Scourge Of Lammy posted (registered)

03/06/06 Nazi PANIC!/SGE - 10 Shareware levels posted (s/ware)

03/06/06 Hitlerworld/medEvil/End Of Eternity posted (registered)

03/16/06 Blake Revolution/Revival Of Memories posted (registered)

03/16/06 SGE Saved Game Editor Package posted (utils)

 04/01/06 Galactic Catacombs 3D/Castle Mörder/Episode One Revisited posted (registered)

04/15/06 Totienstein 3D/Drawn And Quartered/Sewer Town posted (registered)

05/02/06 Wolfenstein SuperAction/Crash Bandicoot/Schabbs 7000 posted (registered)

05/19/06 Bunkersturm/All This And Wolf3D/The Ravenous posted (registered)

05/31/06 Wolfmusic v1.0 added (utils)

06/26/06 Crash Bandicoot 2/The Orb Of Dilaaria/Codename Purple Blood/Operation Hidden Secret posted (registered)

07/24/06 Encrapment posted (registered)

07/24/06 The Early Years posted (Spear)

08/09/06 The Lost World Part 3: Heretic Cult/Wolfenstein Reloaded Final Version posted (registered)

08/09/06 The False Spear/Wolf-Extra III: Parts 1 - 6 posted (Spear)

09/19/06 A World Of Rage posted (registered)

09/19/06 Gods Of The Ethereal Reality/Archives - Volume I/Spear Of Destiny Mappack posted (Spear)

 12/21/06 The Lost World Part 4: The Mage Guild posted (registered)

12/21/06 Daleks For Wolf3D/Space Loons For Wolf3D posted (s/ware)

01/06/07 Archives - Volume II posted (Spear)

01/06/07 The Lost World Part 5: Tale Of The Lost Brotherhood/Ghost Betrayal posted (registered)

01/06/07 Men In Black Sw posted (s/ware)

02/12/07 Spear Revisited posted (Spear)

02/12/07 All This And Wolf3D/Castle Assault posted (registered)

02/12/07 Alien Vs. Terminator Vs. Predator posted (s/ware)

03/03/07 Operation Rheingold v1.0 posted (Spear)

03/07/07 Castle Hasselhoff/Intergalactic Marine posted (registered)

04/06/07 DOOM: Legions Of Hell/Nazis With Attitude posted (registered)

04/08/07 Episode 1 Map Set posted (registered)

05/19/07 Hitler's Ark/Operation Weltmeisterung/Operation Wintersturm/The Lost World Part 6: Kate's Mission/The Trilogy Revisited posted (registered)

06/21/07 Airslide's SoD Mod posted (Spear)

06/21/07 Der Angriff (The Attack)/Mac-enstein Second Encounter posted (registered)

06/24/07 Star Wars 3-D posted (s/ware)

08/21/07 Valts SoD Project posted (Spear)

08/21/07 IRONY/Behind Enemy Lines/Northern Darkness posted (registered)

09/22/07 Operation Lone Eagle posted (Spear)

09/22/07 Guns And Glory/The Final Fight/Quest For The General/Triumph Of The Will/The Wolf3D Community Map Pack/Wolfenstein Sextilogy Parts 1 And 2 posted (registered)

10/24/07 Escape From Steinberg Castle posted (Spear)

10/24/07 Trilogy Revisited + Nocturnal Missions/The Lost World Part 7: Soul Of The Devil posted (registered)

12/05/07 Jemanie Davidsson Unchained/Venom/Cover Of Darkness/Escape From Castle Holle posted (registered)

01/01/08 DOOM: The Movie/Danger Zone 3 posted (registered)

01/01/08 Hotel Romanstein 5: Return To Hotel Romanstein/Hotel Romanstein 6: Last Christmas posted (s/ware)

01/26/08 Weltgericht/Escape From Reichstag posted (registered)

01/26/08 Hotel Romanstein 7 (Teen Version)/Hotel Romanstein 8 (Teen Version) posted (s/ware)

04/21/08 The Bitter End/Project: Cell posted (registered)

05/08/08 Castle Grom posted (registered)

05/08/08 Mutants Strike Again posted (Spear)

05/28/08 Klooni posted (registered)

06/23/08 Mac-enstein Second Encounter SDL Version/Resistant/Return To Castle Totienstein posted (registered)

07/06/08 Chrono - Spear Of Destiny Levels posted (Spear)

07/12 /08 Boesenstein posted (s/ware)

07/12/08 Stopandthink_stein posted (Spear)

08/03/08 The Lost World Part 1: The Dark Orthodox posted (registered)

08/03/08 Kenny posted (Spear)

08/28/08 The Hunt For Von Hauer posted (registered)

09/11/08 Absence/Planet Nexion posted (registered)  

09/29/08 The Spear Of Toti posted (Spear)

10/29 /08 Haven Mapset/Kill Him - Good Old Days posted (registered)

10/29/08 Ghosts: A Doll's House add-on posted (Spear)

12/14 /08 W.O.L.F./Return Of Dragons posted (registered)

12/14/08 Justin/Ghost Tower v1.02 posted (Spear)

01/12/09 Absence (SDL Version)/Wolf3D Endgame/Hotel Romanstein Gold Edition (SDL) posted (registered)

02/25/09 MOHA (Medal Of Honor Airborne) posted (registered)

03/17/09 Team Aardwolf Mapset Final Version posted (registered)

05/01/09 Step One/Step Two/Wolfenstein: Umbrella Beginnings posted (registered)

05/20/09 Frayed (Full Version) posted (registered)

05/20/09 Hard Cell posted (Spear)

05/20/09 Krankenstein posted (s/ware)

06/08/09 Endlösung/Doctor Who posted (registered)

06/10/09 The Wolf3D Community Map Pack SDL Version posted (registered)

06/13/09 The Final Fight: Operation Phoenix posted (registered)

06/25/09 A Doll's House Ultimate Edition posted (Spear)

07/03/09 Haven Mapset new version posted (registered)

07/15/09 Code 44 posted (registered)

08/12/09 Deadly Sleep posted (Spear)

09/19/09 Forbidden Weapon posted (registered)

10/02/09 Gespenster posted (registered)

12/01/09 Hotel Romanstein Gold Edition 2 (SDL)/Krucible - The Wasteland posted (registered)

12/01/09 Death Becomes You posted (Spear)

12/01/09 Barney 3D posted (s/ware)

12/02/09 NovoWolf posted (registered)

01/19/10 Ragnarok 2 posted (s/ware)

01/19/10 The Third Reich Episode 1: A Dark Secret/The Lost Relic/Project: X/End Of Dragons posted (registered)

02/20/10 Super Haven Mapset/acktung 2: The Last Waltz/Confrontation/Goldfire 2010 posted (registered)

04/11/10 Strife - Part 1 posted (registered)

04/22/10 Castle Totenkopf SDL Edition posted (registered)

05/01/10 GST Wolf posted (registered)

05/17/10 Blake Wolf SDL Version posted (s/ware)

 07/18/10 GST Wolf 2/Wolfenstein: The Ultimate Revenge/Wolf mods I, II & III/Strange Worlds 1, 2 & 3/Step By Step/The Secret Of Graal/MIS Step/Supermod 3D/Kozmik Zones 1, 2 & 3 posted (registered)

07/18/10 Spear Of Destiny Reloaded/The Inner Circle SDL Version posted (Spear)

07/18/10 The Nazi's Ride Again SDL Version/The Last Mission SDL Version/Wolfhell posted (s/ware)

08/14/10 Castle Of The Nazi Zombies! posted (s/ware)

08/25/10 Project Totengraeber SDL Version posted (registered)

08/25/10 Amazing Grace SDL Version posted (Spear)

10/10/10 Revival Of Memories SDL Version posted (registered)

10/31/10 Sod, Haven Style SDL posted (Spear)

11/13/10 Links page revised (links)

11/13/10 Operation: End Epidemic posted (registered)

12/12/10 Spear of Destiny Add-on Levels posted (Spear) 

01/01/11 Krankenstein II posted (s/ware)

01/01/11 Foxenstein 3D Version 1.0/Mac-enstein First/Second Encounters SDL posted (registered)

01/11/11 DHW SDL Mapset posted (registered)

01/28/11 Mac-enstein Third Encounter Episode One SDL/The Totis' Revenge SDL posted (registered)

03/02/11 Wolfendoom SDL Version posted (registered)

03/15/11 Conflict In The Fatherland SDL Version/1945 The End Of The Third Reich posted (registered)

03/15/11 This Spear SDL posted (Spear)

04/21/11 Hitler Strikes Back SDL Version/Wolfenstein Sextilogy/DeathTrigger posted (registered)

04/29/11 Unsung SDL posted (registered)

05/01/11 Life on the Streets Part 1 posted (registered)

06/13/11 The Spear/Wolfwing SDL posted (registered)

06/15/11 Super Wolfhell/Monster Land/Gloom/Dawn/Pacdoom posted (s/ware)

06/20/11 Frayed SDL Fiend Edition posted (registered)

06/24/11 Blake Stone Experimenr 90 (BSE90) posted (Blake)

07/03/11 The Cold War posted (registered)

07/10/11 Ling's Blake Stone Levels Set/Ling's Planet Strike Levels Set posted (Blake)

07/18/11 Ipank7000's Mapset SDL posted (registered)

08/15/11 Big Time Gangsta posted (registered)

08/20/11 Operation: Mutant Strike SDL posted (registered)

09/02/11 Operation: Mutant Strike 2 SDL posted (registered)

09/20/11 Operation: Hundscheisse SDL posted (registered)

09/27/11 DieHard Wolfers TC SDL posted (registered)

09/29/11 16x16 posted (registered)

10/01/11 Operation: Letzterschutz SDL/Schabbs 3000 Revised Version posted (registered)

10/02/11 Big Time Gangsta SDL posted (registered)

10/02/11 Spear Resurrection SDL posted (Spear)

10/07/11 Tristania3D posted (registered)

10/14/11 medEvil SDL posted (registered)

10/17/11 10 New Ones SDL posted (registered)

10/25/11 Revenge of Poopdeck Willie SDL posted (registered)

10/27/11 Operation: Mutant Strike (The Last Mutation) SDL posted (registered)

10/31/11 Krucible: Insanitarium SDL posted (registered)

11/01/11 Spear Resurrection: 10th Anniversary Edition SDL posted (Spear)

11/29/11 Megaman Series posted (s/ware)

12/29/11 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City SDL posted (s/ware)

12/29/11 Ghosts Special 1 level add-on posted (Spear)

01/15/12 Spearfishwolfbones posted (Spear)

01/15/12 Unsung SDL V1.1 posted (registered)

02/23/12 Escapism posted (s/ware)

02/23/12 The DHW SDL Mapset, Spear of Destiny Edition posted (Spear)

02/23/12 Eisenfaust Overdrive/Santa Claws 3D/15 Master Levels/Mac-enstein (All 3 Encounters) SDL posted (registered)

03/20/12 Klooni SDL Version 1.5/Time to Kill SDL posted (registered)

04/15/12 A Doll's House 4SDL posted (Spear)

04/15/12 RTCW 3D (Wolf3D Mod) posted (registered)

04/28/12 Odds and Ends posted (registered)

05/15/12 World War II 3D SDL/Guns and Glory 0.5/Thomas Wolfenstein 3-D Mapset posted (registered)

05/15/12 Gottspear SDL/Grossed Out SDL posted (s/ware)

05/28/12 The Bunker SDL/Tragedy at Istanbul SDL posted (Spear)

06/15/12 Evil In Iron SDL posted (registered)

06/15/12 The Holy Grail SDL/The Death Key SDL posted (Spear)

06/22/12 The Bunker Files SDL/Batman vs Bane SDL posted (Spear)

06/30/12 Footsteps To Despair SDL/Schabbs Connection SDL posted (Spear)

07/14/12 Wastelands SDL posted (Spear)

07/14/12 A Touch Of Nazi SDL posted (registered)

08/04/12 Wastelands 2 SDL/Journey Into Evil SDL posted (Spear)

08/04/12 Beyond Tobruk SDL posted (registered)

08/11/12 Spear of Destiny: Final Resistance SDL posted (Spear)

08/11/12 Mutantstein SDL posted (registered)

08/19/12 Evil In Iron DOOM SDL/SS/Thomas Wolfenstein 3-D Mapset posted (registered)

09/03/12 A Madman's Dream SDL/Mutantstein II SDL posted (registered)

09/24/12 The Greinholdt Covenant i - III SDL posted (Spear)

10/21/12 The Tribute SDLThe New Evil SDL/Mutantstein III; Nightmare's End SDL posted (registered)

11/18/12 The Lost Relic/World War II SDL/Hundenberg SDL/The Iron Dream SDL posted (registered)

11/18/12 So You Want To Be An Assassin SDL/Operation Eisenfaust: Origins/Beyond Mutantstein SE SDL posted (Spear)




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