You are kewl!!!!

First, here is my Wolf3-D news. I'm currently working on a new add-on pack for Gorenstein I think you will enjoy. Soon, I may add some kewl new weapons. I have ALMOST finished the add-on pack.

For upcoming add-ons, I am working on The Future Gorenstein episode 1: The Time Stone. There are kewl new weapons. I hope it will be good.

That's it for the news, so scroll down to the Gorenstein level 1 cheat...
















Go into the second room, and go up to the sign on the wall. There are four mutants and a chain gun in the secret room. Then go near the exit. Go up to the skull on the blue wall. There is treasure in there.



7/12/99 10:29 PM Indiana time   Things have changed.  Not only am I involved with Wolfenstein, but now I am involved with Duke Nukem 3-D and the Doom series.  I will try to make Wolfenstein and South Park conversions to Doom.  I have already succeeded with converting Hexen and Duke Nukem to Doom.

In Add-on news, Future Gorenstein will be split up into trilogies.  The 3-level demo will be out soon, with 2 totally new weapons and a surprise weapon from a very famous Wolfenstein 3-D add-on.........

Here's the story of the 3 level demo: Trilogy 1: Operation: Mutant Sklarfen Dufen Episode 1 (3-Level demo): The Old Castle B.J. Blazcowicz, III has done a daily moon alien check, and the Nazis have not done any harm since 1945.  (B.J. kept them at bay...) 

Then, the most disturbing news came in:  bzzzzzz..B.J.!!!  Schabbs' grandson is working on a new project!  Return to Castle Wolfenstein to find out what it is!  We got half of a video recording! Shite!  Melehoven ally svinehound!  Operation: Mutant Sklarfen Dufen begins!  Frau Grosse!  Kille Americaners!  Halten sie! (gunshots) Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

That's where the tape stops.  Go get them B.J.!!!! And so, B.J. begins a lifetime adventure......


Well, until next time, Ciou! Sam