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A320 Airbus

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Compatibility :

1 MB RAM Required, Fellow Emulation

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Program Type :

Flight Simulator

Comments :

Developed in corporation with Lufthansa and Deutsche Airbus. Manual Copy Protected.

Controls: Mouse and Keyboard

Description: A very technically acomplished simulation that, along with most other airline sims, goes totally overboard when it comes to controls and options. Whilst combat aircraft sims tend to keep people interested by using deent fast moving graphics and keeping gameplay as easy and smooth flowing as possible, for some reason passenger aircraft simulations always concentrate on including as many instruments and controls as possible. Although there is not the action of a combat sim, there is no reason to make an airliner this complicated unless it has the sort of superb external graphics available in more modern sims such as the latest Microsoft Flight Simulation. A nice try, no doubt very accurate, but still very boring.

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