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Extra Features found on the CD-ROM version

There are several hundred adverts, all stored in 100% quality JPEG format.
Cheats, playing tips and/or complete solutions for several hundred games are also included.
There are inlays for many games included. As with the adverts, these are stored in full in JPEG format, with smaller inlays being scanned in at increased magnification to ensure maximum quality.
Dozens of maps and other useful game related pictures in GIF or JPEG format.



The information is stored in standard ISO 9660 format and all filenames are in the PC Windows 3.1 friendly 8.3 uppercase file format. It has been fully tested on Amiga 1200 and Pentium PC Windoze 95 systems. It should also work perfectly on Macintosh and UNIX systems but these have not been tested. To use the guide on an Amiga, your machine must be able to display GIF and JPEG files (either directly or via datatypes) or the graphics will not be displayed correctly. Having an accelerator card (68030 or higher), a graphics card or scan doubler to view the screens in high resolution as intended, and the latest version of any of the commercial Internet Web Browsers are also highly recommended.

To use any of our CD-ROMs, your CD-ROM drive must be able to read gold recordable discs. Some early CD-ROM drives and, ironically, recent early DVD drives, do not read these discs. Please ensure that your drive is capable of reading recordable discs before purchasing any of our products.


A - Z Cover

Price (UK): 10 pounds sterling
Price (EU): 12 pounds sterling
Price (Rest of World): 15 pounds sterling or $30 US dollars

Postage and Packing: These are included in the above prices.

How to Pay: In descending order of preference.

  1. By UK cheque or postal order (made payable to C. E. Lister)
  2. By Eurocheque with payment in pounds sterling (made payable to C. E. Lister)
  3. In UK currency (no coins).
  4. In US currency (no coins).
  5. By US cheque (made payable to C. E. Lister) - British banks charge a substantial fee for cashing in US cheques so hard currency is preferable.
  6. See further down for details on telephone and credit card orders

Where to send your Order

The address is:

Mr C E Lister
3 Cardinal Avenue
Leeds 11
LS11 8HE

Ensure that you also include your own name and address. Also state which system you will use the CD-ROM on (ie an Amiga or PC running Windows 95/98) as the information on the CD is much more reliable if stored in the relevant filesystem. If possible, include an e-mail address so that we can confirm receipt of your order. Please allow 28 days for delivery of the CD-ROM in the UK or the EU or 56 days for the rest of the world.

Credit card orders and telephone support

At the moment the cost of setting up either system is prohibitive. If/when sales are enough to warrant such a move, full details will be posted here.

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