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Compatibility :
Released in : 1988
Price : 24.95
Publisher : Firebird
Amiga Format Rating : 75%
Program Type : Arcade Strategy Game
Comments : Written by David Braben.


Description : Play Elite - the ultimate, award-winning space challenge.

It's an interstellar mind-game with incredible 3D Vector-Graphic space flight simulation. Elite's been called the "Game of a lifetime".

You take command of a Cobra Mk III combat craft and trade with alien cultures on over 2000 planets in eight galaxies.

Pick your destination on the starmap, check the computer's 4-way viewscan - and make your first jump into hypserspace.

Starting with `Harmless' status, you pick up combat skills to win ratings of `Average' to `Dangerous'.

If you can handle it you could become one of the Elite, and win the chance to compete in the Elite World Championships.

It's dangrous all the way.

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