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This page contains information on the various amendments and updates to this Site. Entries are in date order, starting with the most recent.

Tuesday 11 January 2000

Removed the horror movie section and made slight updates to all the other files. The horror section will shortly have a website all of its own. When it is up and running, a link will be provided.

Friday 10 December 1999

Removed the aircraft guide and the 'Spooky' section, as these have not been updated for ages. Also removed the IML links from the links page as these are duplicated in the entry for each country anyway. Made various slight changes to many of the files to improve download speed and presentation.

Sunday 17 October 1999

Created new 'hover' icons for contents page and changed the background image, plus a few other minor amendments to the look of the site

Thursday 30 September 1999

The promised major update is starting to arrive. The home page and sidebar menu have been completely updated with icons and Javascript interaction. There is still a lot to do, including improving these icons and adding even more zones.

The links to the Amiga, Spectrum, and Horror Movie zones are not finished. These are actually located on other servers due to the space limitations provided by my ISP, Global. This makes updates more awkward as I have to setup the HTML files on the other servers and then ensure the links all work correctly. This takes up a great deal of time and they can only be tested whilst actually online, which costs a lot in terms of online time and money, both of which are very much in short supply at the moment!

Thursday 22 July 1999

Updated the IML section. The major update has been put back as it involves extensive use of Javascript and this will take a great deal of time to rewrite and test; so no update for now!

Thursday 01 July 1999

Updated the IML section and put more horror films into the A - Z guide. There will be a major update to the entire site in a few weeks time.

Wednesday 19 May 1999

Made lots of small changes, particularly to the IML and For Sale sections.

Thursday 24 December 1998

Added a new online horror film site. This is still in its infancy and is very small. Eventually it will move to a commercial site but this is out of action at the moment, courtesy of the incompetents at Easyspace.com :-(

Tuesday 18 August 1998

Updated the IML section again with the latest event details.

Sunday 02 August 1998

Updated the IML section.

Thursday 04 June 1998

Updated the For Sale section, which still seems to be getting bigger for some reason!

Friday 17 April 1998

Added a link to the A - Z of Amiga Games. This has had to be included on the Ad Astra Publishing web site as there is no room for it here! Also, if it proves popular, they will probably turn it into a proper commercial release towards the end of June 1998.

Tuesday 03 February 1998

Removed the Spectrum and Aircraft sections as they really were of no use. Added links to the New Zealand walk and to a Swedish marching group.

Monday 26 January 1998

Major overhaul of the IML and links pages to bring all the information up to date (hopefully!).

Tuesday 30 December 1997

Added links to various sites in IML section and links pages.

Wednesday 12 November 1997

Added a link to the Tour Operations North homepage and updated details on Denmark, Finland and Norway walks in IML section.

Tuesday 28 October 1997

Supernatural: Added another short story and included a photograph.
IML: Made small amendments to the Luxembourg Guide and added USA Links.
Aircraft: Removed the Whitley Guide and added a link to my commercial website where this Guide can still be downloaded from for free.
Spectrum: Included latest details on my Encyclopedia of Spectrum Games '98 and how to obtain it.
Guestbook: This now includes previous entries and responses.
Layout: Changed some of the colours used in the layout of the pages, hopefully making it even easier to navigate around this site.

Saturday 18 October 1997

Added some extra links and carried out a few minor modifications.

Monday 13 October 1997

Included the latest version of the Whitley aircraft Guide for downloading.

Friday 3 October 1997

Included a short story in the supernatural section.

Friday 9 September 1997

Extended the supernatural section to include extensive items on lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis.

Saturday 30 August 1997

Added Ireland and Norway sections to the IML page. Added numerous extra links to the Links page.

Tuesday 26 August 1997

Deleted the Sci-Fi page as there was little of interest to other people. In its place, I have included an aircraft page. This is intended to appeal in particular to those interested in Second World War aircraft and includes a free Guide to the Armstrong Whitworth Whitley that the casual browser can download for their own use.

I have also included a for-sale list which will no doubt grow larger rather than smaller!

The major change is the inclusion of Frames, which involved rewriting all the files. Those without a Frames-capable Browser should not notice any difference. It is now considered "on-line" so all Under Construction signs have been removed. This does not mean that it will not be updated again. On the contrary, there is still much more I intend to include so keep your visits coming!

Friday 22nd August 1997

Checked out the site using Netscape Navigator and found it did not work. Aaarrggh! Turned out to be a very simple problem all down to sloppy HTML coding. Hopefully everything works correctly now.

Further info on walking events in Germany and Belgium added.

Wednesday 6th August 1997

Removed the music section - it was not all that hot and would require lots of work to look good. The computer site has gone as well. It would just have been a rant against Windows 95, Windows Explorer and junk PC software in general!
Also made small corrections to links and corrected several obvious mistakes.

Monday 4th August 1997

This Site was placed "live" on the Web for the first time. All the basic elements are in place but there is much work still needed. The main aim was to test that the Guestbook and Counter work correctly.

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