A (very) unofficial guide to Edinburgh.

Shopping in Edinburgh.

     Shopping is one of those strange occupations that lead one to wonder whether men and women are really the same species. For those who, like me, only want to buy a few souvenirs quickly and then get on with enjoying themselves, I would recommend a quick tour of the top end of the High Street where there are several shops covering the range from cheap and gaudy to pricy but tasteful. These people can now leave the rest of this page to those with a deeper interest in the ancient art of the re-distribution of wealth.
     Souvenir shoppers are probably best catered for by combining a sightseeing walk down the Royal Mile with some window gazing, taking note of which shops seem to be most worth re-visiting for a closer examination. There are also some interesting shops in Princes Street, Rose Street and the Grassmarket/Victoria Street area.
     A special mention should perhaps be made here regarding four particular types of popular souvenir of Scotland - Food, Whisky, Tartan and Edinburgh Crystal.

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