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"And computer terminals report some gains in the values of copper and tin,
While American businessmen snap up Van Gogh's for the price of a hospital wing"

"It's a bin full of tissues from made-up faces"

"Sometimes your lack of sympathy gets hard to explain,
So on your mask of make-up you just paint a little parody of pain"

"A crooked line of lightning, a silent movie moon
Mother Nature's writing... to you"

"And the steps of this stone church, are peppered with confetti hearts
Like a million little love affairs waiting to fall apart"

"And these tiny symbols of success,
Like my black chauffeur's false friendliness
Are less the spoils of spiritual wealth
Than symptoms of distress"

"So nobody lives forever, the crassest of cliches
Like time, time is the greatest healer
But it's a murderer today"

"They say it's better to have loved and lost than never loved at all,
but when you sit down and count the cost of all those losses there's no profit at all."

"You don't have to agree, when someone says they love you
But you don't have to take the opposite view "

"So I put down the bottle, while in my head time is collapsing...
So I can curse her memory, but don't try telling me
That she was not an emerald in a mountain of coal
Or there's a crock of cures for cancer at the end of the rainbow"

"When every heavy sky just empties on your fate,
Sometimes keeping dry is something to celebrate"

"And you can try to hide the wreckage that you've come from,
But every new disguise is just another lie to run from"

"Frittering packs of refuseniks, too drunk to muster any contempt
Ten ways to relax on a cruise ship, one way to cover the rent
I've whored myself around enough to know, baby
You don't come with the customers and smile"

"In the race to life, I am an also-ran"

"And there were times when I know that I
just fell in love to give myself an alibi"

"Like smoke from factories,
we leave our heat behind
Like wound down batteries,
Hearts stop sometime"

"They send the rich ones to university
And the rest get comics and T.V.
So many souls to change"

"So mother and child while travelling to Delhi
Have to jump off a burning train
While the puppet rich bible class third world society
Meets to discuss its slogan campaign"

"There is a joke I used to tell
Some guy who gets three wishes ends up wasting them to Hell
And in the end in misery he tells the joke himself"

"It's hard to say you love someone
And it's hard to say you don't"

"Suppose love lives in a mansion
How the hell do I get over the wall?"

"Like a ticket inspector running for a bus
Irony's revenge surrounds us"

"I've heard those holy brethren muttering my name
But it ain't no sin to drink when you're suffering"

"And if looks could kill I would need a license for my face
Cause where his fists put bruises a scheming smile now takes their place"

"One day you'll wake up and all the pain that you've given out gets returned
But I'm not sorry now, I've paid for what I've learned"

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