The Bible of Peckham

The Cover

BBC Worldwide has released a new OFAH book entitled "The Bible of Peckham". Here is the press release for the book:

The Only Fools and Horses Scripts
Volume 1

John Sullivan

Watch out Trotters - they've got all your details now! For the very first time, BBC Worldwide are publishing the complete scripts for the first five series of Only Fools and Horses. All 35 episodes and every Christmas special is contained in this hilarious book, along with brand new material.

THE BIBLE OF PECKHAM covers the Trotter's unique history of dodgy dealings and family crises, and all the series' best-loved characters are to be found here, from Boycie and Trigger, to Grandad and Uncle Albert. The classic comic moments include Del's ethnic tours of Chingford and Croydon, and Rodney's disastrous romantic adventures.

For a final piece-de-la-resistance, there's lots of new material, including the Peckham Concise Trotter Dictionary (want to know the correct translation of 'crème de la menthe', or the true meaning of 'Gandhi's Revenge'?), Del-Boy's Guide To Seduction ("Jewellery is good, and lots of it. The same goes for Brut"), Del and Rodney's CV's and a Tribute to Joan Mavis Trotter.

These scripts represent the most popular and best-loved of British comedies. The scripts for series six and seven, and the remaining special episodes, will be published in Volume 2, in September 2000.

Born in Balham, South London, in 1946, John Sullivan's blockbuster, Only Fools and Horses, was first screened during the early eighties and cemented a well-deserved reputation for sitcom script-writing. Others quickly followed and Dear John, Just Good Friends, Over Here and Heartburn Hotel are just a few of his recent successes.

Published: 7 October 1999 Price: £15.99 hardback ISBN: 0 563 55150 X

If you are interested (and you should be!) then check out the BBC website for the latest news! Alternatively, get down to a bookshop and buy a copy! It really is essential for any completist OFAH fan!


Value for Money:
£15.99 gets you a hardback copy of the book. Considering it contains the scripts to 37 episodes, this is a very reasonable price.

The scripts are interspersed with black and white photos and mock letters a la the previous two OFAH books "Trotter's Way To Millions" and "Trotter's Way To Romance". One picture which is especially poignant is of Grandad and Del in the episode "Hole in One"; an episode which was shown with Uncle Albert in place of Grandad after his much-mourned passing.

This book finally reveals the secrets behind those mumbled or misheard lines that you never quite managed to pick up on the show, and it is a tribute to the wonderful writing talents of John Sullivan. To have all the scripts from series 1 to 5 is an unexpected, but most welcome, pleasure which ensures that OFAH will continue into the next Millenium. Also, it serves as a good drinking game for "finish the quote" and lets you reenact your favourite scenes from the show if you so wish!!

Honestly? Fans of the show will love this book, it has enough new material in the dictionary and letters to keep your interest, and the scripts let you relive those episodes you may not have been able to buy or record. There are a lot worse ways to spend £16! Go get it!

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