Welcome To My OFAH Quiz Page!!!


I am attempting to make the questions get progressively harder... so I hope you feel challenged, all you OFAH experts!!!

1. Who did Del think was his daughter when he found out her 19th birthday was 19 and a half years after he broke up with her mum?
2. Who turned out to be the real father?
3. Name the episode when Del gets conned into buying a "rare" statuette only to find that a local Indian restaurant sells them for 17.50?
4. What line did Del always use to guilt-trip Rodney into doing things?
5. Who played Roy Slater?
6. The first time Rodney meets Slater and invites him back to the flat, Grandad is trying to tune the microwave into a TV channel! What show did he want to see?
7. Complete Del's phrase: "Mine is not to reason why..."
8. Which song does Del want sung in the episode "Diamond's are for Heather?"
9. In "The Russians are Coming", where do the Trotters build their nuclear fall-out shelter?
10. Who does Boycie try and buy diamonds from in "To Hull and Back"

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